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    Sir Ganksalot reacted to Old Duck's post in the thread PvP Calling out all PvPers! with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    While I appreciate your helpfulness, that's part of the problem - I don't want to follow a "meta" recipe. I do have some highly-engineered ships, fun little ships like my Viper III and even my Sidewinder (both which have survived some serious...
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    knowles2 replied to the thread Roadmap leaked??.
    Planet Coaster 2 raise red flags to me, why would they already be working on two, when there still so much potential to be built on. Plus another oddity is that Sony and Frontier team up to get ghostbusters into Planet Coaster and no other...
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    Jaggid Edje reacted to Ratkatcher's post in the thread Hunger, thirst, sleep needs for CMDRs with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    We could watch our jump range getting less and less as we fill the cargo space with Biowaste because it is illegal to take a dump in space :P
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    I'd like to see accretion and asteroid disks better presented in the game, and around black holes & other massive primary bodies would certainly add some elements of both danger and educational beauty to the game. It may be that the light...
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    CMDRs are just bobbleheads. They are decorations in the ship cockpit and nothing more. In Elite you play as a spaceship.
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    CMDR Thumbless reacted to Druner's post in the thread Roadmap leaked?? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    I looks believable to me. makes sense a push for space legs before atmos. Console version of elite struggle to run the base game. I doubt actual tecnology can run atmo planets in the fidelity frontier would like. Unless elite players could...
  • GoryDamnPixie
    GoryDamnPixie replied to the thread Roadmap leaked??.
    If base building were really coming, it would make perfect sense from a business point of view. It's just one step closer to making the player become more attached to the game as with all live service based games. Your attached to your ship, you...
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    [ kraken ] reacted to Riverside's post in the thread Where is the exploration? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    I think you make a decent point about having more to find (the so far unpopulated 'rumoured' items etc) but the stuff that was added is arguably too easy to find with the mapping/probing mechanism turning what was a massive challenge (that I rose...
  • Jaggid Edje
    Jaggid Edje reacted to Vardaugas's post in the thread Hunger, thirst, sleep needs for CMDRs with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    I have a Remlok suit and A rated life support. As long as the reactor is running, I have no needs.
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    What biowaste, where do you think the different colours of our engine exhaust comes from?
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    Orvidius reacted to ShadowWolf Kell's post in the thread Let's see your DW2 photography! with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    Not often you run across an Ammonia World in orbit around an L class star. But what about an Earth Like World next to it, with a very close geologically active moon? :p I've been making good time trying to catch up at WP11. Of...
  • Orvidius
    I've just joined the expedition even though I'm not 'officially on the list' ... yet! ;) I got to visit my first asteroid base at WP1, my first space crystals farm at WP2, and logged and deciphered the comms beacon at WP2, and will now go search...
  • insanephoton
    This whole thing is giving me flashbacks to GTA: San Andreas and failing a fire truck challenge because I forgot to get CJ to eat so he passed out and drove the fire truck into a lake. Lore wise I seem to recall something about ships being...
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    I think the new boat ride was meant for slow dark rides. Not for giant flume rides. They read our requests but give us the wrong versions of rides like modern glass cabins for the sky ride, no steep drops on boat ride.
  • Jaggid Edje
    On the other hand, this mechanic is pretty much the only thing that adds risks to the game. Money being abundant and we being for all intents and purposes immortal means there's not much one would care about. Losing a pilot whom you've been...
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    [ kraken ] replied to the thread Where is the exploration?.
    No, as I wrote earlier, I agree that the FSS was an improvement over the ADS, and I can see how it was necessary. Even though I never tried the ADS, I understand that it made finding new content impossible without probing everything, so it's...
  • Jaggid Edje
    I've been playing multiplayer games since they were invented and more and more I find I prefer to play solo in an open world - you folks are the "content" to me. I don't want to be forced into "grouping" with anyone, but don't want to be in a...
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    [ kraken ] reacted to Faded Glory's post in the thread Where is the exploration? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    One of the biggest problems for the game is the size and scale of the gameworld. And anybody who had the temerity to suggest that things be made more accessible was in for a rough ride here on the fora. ;) But it does seem to me that the...
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    Merkir reacted to KellyR's post in the thread Allow use of pre 3.3 Advanced Discovery Scanner with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    Nope. FD wants this as real as possible. Yeah, they had to fudge some on the supercruise and a lot on the hyperspace. And even a bit on maximum speeds even with flight assist off. But that can be explained by in-game lore. But they did it to make...
  • Jaggid Edje
    The Anaconda is peerless as an exploration and rescue ship. Fully engineered, it will jump >70ly with all limpet controller types and a fighter hay. With regard to owning the big 3, it really depends on what your goals in the game are. I could...
  • Jaggid Edje
    That is not necessarily true, but almost. Personally, I'm a small ship guy. Move my Courier for fighting, I'm exploring mainly in DBX, sometimes T6 and for missions I've got Cobra Mk.IV and Asp Scout. That being said, I also love the Cutter and...
  • Jaggid Edje
    The big ships have their purpose. It's just that purpose doesn't involve joy at any point. Stick to smaller, more enjoyable ships. Have fun. So many players get the impression that big ships are the aim, they rush to make money, buy a Conda...
  • Jaggid Edje
    The Anaconda is a totally borked ship. I refuse to fly one. Currently flying the AspX.
  • Jaggid Edje
    I just restarted my game. I had a Python, Eagle, Beluga Liner, Asp Explorer and Fer de Lance. I've also had a Type-9, Diamond Back Explorer and Vulture. The reason I did this was because I first focused on making money and upgrading ships...
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    [ kraken ] reacted to thistle's post in the thread Where is the exploration? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    I accept it wasn't impossible, I'm exaggerating, but people asked for fdev to add more to exploration, it was a bare-bones-wild-west-prospecting-needle-in-a-haystack process (catchy, I like it). Now it's possible and even fun for a wider section...
    Okay – I've sold off the last of my data. First, I apologize for hoarding the location so long; but this data's put me at 93% of the way to Explorer Elite, and I'm starting to covet my first discoveries. Anyway, here's the deal. This Guardian...
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    Orvidius reacted to Iron Orchid's post in the thread Distant Worlds 2 - A Journey of Discovery with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    Hi all, Been stuck in the system Gria eoq pp-a b19-0 (for nearly 12 months) after landing and getting the landing gear stuck out. It was in danger in losing my mind but have after an eva and a very big hammer, managed to get the landing gear...
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    [ kraken ] reacted to Burke's post in the thread Where is the exploration? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    It wasnt impossible, it was difficult. I had no idea you could turn the gfx down and i still found stuff, plenty of players did. It was a challenge to be mastered. Its a shame they didnt let players put a name tag on the landmarks tbh.
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    [ kraken ] reacted to thistle's post in the thread Where is the exploration? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    It was effectively impossible for players to find things before, because there was no way to know if any of the billions of systems had something on the surface of one of the many planets and moons. How to find 'things'? Turn the graphics down so...
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    [ kraken ] reacted to Ratkatcher's post in the thread Where is the exploration? with Like (+1) Like (+1).
    As one who stands in the "I like the 'new' FSS" as well as "The ADS was fine" camp -basically I couldn't care less what tool is used to identify one's current destination - I've tried not to be too biased in my comments (I may not have succeeded)...