Who is wiping save for the update.

Not planning to clear my save deliberately. But I have done it accidentally on occasion, so I'm mildly curious to see if the new start screen design has included moving 'Clear Save' to somewhere where it can't so easily be clicked by accident while making many, many changes in 'Controls' which is currently located right above it on the main menu.
Well, I was so glad to discover they've made the clear save button even larger. It's positively huge now, and a perfect trap for unsuspecting commanders.
First thing I did. Loaded up second commander, wipe save, now busy pottering around the pilot fed mini bubble; making some creds, getting used to the new toys.
Wouldn't have hurt Fdev to run a short beta for everyone to test.
However in light of no beta I'm not resetting a character for an hours worth of newb stuff.
Well, I was so glad to discover they've made the clear save button even larger. It's positively huge now, and a perfect trap for unsuspecting commanders.
It's huge, yes, but it's also well away from the controls button.

The risk with the old layout was that you'd constantly be clicking 'Confirm' while changing bindings, to the point where it became automatic. With Clear Save being just one menu option down, you could end up there by accident and you would have clicked 'Confirm' before you realised your mistake.

Now, with Clear Save on the opposite side of the screen from Controls, the risk of that happening is effectively eliminated.
Not going to wipe my save after grinding so hard on the engineers and almost triple Elite ;p
Maybe another account. I think there was a sale recently... wonder if it is still on?
I have an Alt account for just such times as these. So yes. In fact I already did. A fully cruise-controlled Sidewinder is...weird. lol.
Nah got a couple billion in assets and years of my life in engineering unlocks and guardian stuff and rank and....

nah. I'd totally start a new pilot if we could have more than one save tho. (Wtf can't we ??)
Wiped a save on an alt account, for the purpose of trying out the new pilot experience... Going to try and play as is I never have before, and go with what the game gives me. Once out of the newbie area, I'll just void opal mine myself a bank balance
No. I'm too cheap to even help systems in famine with cash donations. I'm not giving it all away just to start over.
What I'm reading here is not what I'm interpreting. What I'm reading is the new system could be cool but I'm interpreting as I want to go club baby seals.
Having recently sideyed myself after a very stupid decision from being tired I thought screw it and wipe the save.

I mean. Making money wouldn't be an issue IF THE BLEEDING MISSION BOARD WORKED.
I'll just watch Down to Earth Astronomy's video on the newbie system when it's released.
Today smacks lips in going to show you smacks lips on how to make the most amount of smack lips smacks them again to be sure credits in the new starter smacks lips systems before venturing smacks lips out in smacks lips to the "smacks lips deep black.

Now read that small para I replied with in the same voice as D2EA. include the smacks lips and tell me how damn annoying that gets.
No. My Commander will forever stay!
I might consider an alt account at some point though. So far that feels wrong though. :D
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