Newcomer / Intro What is the purpose of the 'Flight Landing Overrides', and 'alternate Flight Controls'?

I could only find posts about how to bind these controls, not 'why' you may need them??

I have bound my the same controls that I use to fly to the 'Flight Landing Overrides' controls, and I don't see any benefit. I'm not sure what I expected... maybe the controls for landing would be gentler or softer to control? But they seem just like the normal flight controls.

What is the purpose of these two control categories? How are they different/better than just using the normal flight controls that I have bound?


PS: I think I did notice that the throttle graphics in the cockpit were different. But that's the only difference I've noticed so far..
I don't know about the former, but Alternate Controls are useful for gamepad users. By default, IIRC, yaw and lateral thrust are both bound to left/right on the right stick, so you would use alternate controls to toggle between the two.

It was an absolute pain, so I bought some rudder pedals and bound yaw to them instead.
When trying to land I want access to some slightly different controls for example while flying I have no use for forward and reverse thrusters but I find them helpful while landing.
I think the idea is that normal controls would have rotational on your main buttons, and thrusters on harder to access buttons, while docking would have thrusters on the main controls and rotational on the less used buttons.
However, I don't know anyone who uses the alternative setups. It's easier to learn to dock with the standard configuration than to learn to swap between them. Muscle memory being better than an optimum setup.
Flight landing overrides:
If you don't have enough axes on your input devices to cover all 6 dof (3 rotational, 3 translational) simultaneously, you might want to switch some axis or button you don't need while going slow near a landing pad to control translation on all 3 axes so you can position your ship exactly over the pad and then go down slowly and gently. I have bound all 6 dof to axes on my HOTAS, though, so I don't use it

Alternat flight controls:
If you want to use more than one control to trigger the same effect - e.g. I have bound my supercruise/hyperjump to a momentary rocker on my throttle (up is hyperjump, down is supercruise), but also to the enter key of an external numeric keypad. If I'm doing long jump-scoop sessions, I can just leave the throttle on max and take the hand off it, relaxing my wrist and just occasionally hit the numpad.
Ok, thanks for al lthe replies. Now I understand it better.
I wish I could assign a different control curve to my axes so it was less sensative when landing. But I don't see any curve adjustments... just a deadzone adjustment.
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