What is Gerhard saying?

Having a smattering of German, I've started using Gerhard as the COVAS in a couple of ships. I can make out a lot of what he says, but German words can be on the long side. It would be a great help if any German speakers could write down for me his most common remarks. ("Frame shift drive charging", "Landing gear extended/retracted", "Scan detected", "Under attack" would do for starters). I've already read that he's speaking formal and old-fashioned German, which might be some of my trouble. He seems appropriate for a Type 9 though. :)

I'm still working towards having a different voice in every ship. FD, please give us one or two more French and German ones.
Ok, I activated Gerhard for a little while...

Frameshift drive charging -> Frameshift Antrieb wird aufgeladen

4... 3... 2... 1... -> Vier... drei... zwei... eins... Sprung

Landing gear extracted / retracted -> Fahrwerk ausgefahren / Fahrwerk eingefahren

Fuel scooping -> Treibstoff wird gesammelt

Fuel scooping complete -> Treibstoffsammeln beendet

System scan complete -> Systemscan beendet

Can't remember what he used for cargo scoop :unsure: Hmm… no, next time.

To bring up a at least few of his phrases. Maybe more next time, I guess I'll take him to a Res site then to cover up some of the combat phrases.
That wouldn't be really advisable right now… in a weaponless Python...

Enjoy… ;)

P.S.: btw yes, Gerhard is speaking very correct and well articulated. At least as far as I can tell
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