What are your (ingame) plans for the coming 1.5 years until the update arrives?

- Fully outfit and upgrade my Corvette

- Fully outfit and upgrade my Conda

- Fully outfit and upgrade my Cutter

- Fully outfit and upgrade my T-10

- Unlock all engineers

- Fully engineer all of my ships

- Finally visit Sagittarius A*

- Visit the Formadine Rift

- Finally visit Colonia

- Get Elite combat rank

- Join the billion credits club

- Find a ringed ELW

So yeah. I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy lol
I'm slowly working on my last Elite in Combat...

I might mess around with guardian tech and bother to unlock the SLFs and stuff - I mean, I'm mindlessly grinding securing the Pleiades against Thargoid Scouts already.

Every time I start to outfit my Beluga Liner (that's my favorite ship) for a deep-space trip to Sag A* or Colonia, I remember I how much I hate deep-space after about 200 jumps and decide to do something else. 2020 will be here before I finally do it...so this probably doesn't count for OP...

Mostly I'm playing other games and hopping into Elite every few days just to keep tabs on GalNet and enjoy the flight sim - I mean, that's the real reason I like Elite more than anything else: It's a badass space flight simulator. I just wish it had more meat on its bones to keep more of my attention...but then again, it's ok it doesn't. I've got all these other titles to play, and it's not like I'm 'quitting'.

Heavens, listen to me...I sound like an addict justifying my play time.

What am I going to do in-game between now and 2020!? HUH!? TELL ME OP! TELL ME...TELL ME WHAT IMMA...sob...what am Imma...sniffle...gon do...
Curls into fetal position and hugs Thrustmaster Hotas while staring vicously at PS4 before yelling
I jus...sniff...I jus wanna see ousside betta...
Some or all of the following.
  • Explore
  • Mine
  • Trade
  • Do CGs
  • Do IIs
  • Bounty Hunt in RESs
  • Improve my ships
  • Buy more ships
  • Have fun
Just a bit of chatter, I'm curious how everybody is bridge the long wait.

I myself plan to make kind of a "Z" over the whole galaxy, starting from beagly point (DW2):

View attachment 134516

The plan is to go along the carina arm to the very "east" of the galaxy, then accross it through sagA* and colonia, then on the outer arm to the south and then back to the bubble. The goal is to arrive at the bubble shortly before the update is live (and enough money to buy possible new stuff :p). All of this should be easily possible by casually playing.

What are your plans?
I am currently out in deep, deep space.....far out towards the Galactic Rim.
There's a lot of stuff that has been added to the game over the past couple of years I haven't done much with, either because I've been exploring or too busy fighting off other factions from my little empire of dirt.

I bought a Mamba last week, I tried it out & while I like the class 4 & 2x Class 3 hardpoints combo the handling is a little disappointing. I bought & sold another T-10, it's a ship I want to like but haven't found a use for. I have a Chieftain somewhere I keep meaning to dust off, and I haven't left dock with the other two variants yet. I haven't trained up any NPC crew yet or done much more than canyon running in an SLF. And I've equipped a couple of ships (an Adder and a Cobra MkIV) for the new mining system but haven't tried that yet either. I unlocked the Guardian FSD booster back in December, I still have yet to find a reason to unlock any others.

I generally work alone, occasionally I'll spend some time with random other players that wander through the systems I frequent. I don't use how-to guides or any external tools, I work things out for myself when I need to. I get involved in a lot of wars so I build & engineer new ships (like the Mamba) to see if they have a place in my fleet. I swap ships regularly during a war to keep myself motivated, I built the mining ships in case a mission takes my interest, it hasn't yet.

I have a few trips out into the black planned but the removal of the old exploration mechanism (that I was perfectly happy with) has sapped my motivation to get out there. I still do short trips, I spent the last few days on a 30,000ly inf+++++ mission during a lull in the BGS cycles (and came home today to another war).

I have plenty to do, because I haven't rushed through 'the grind'. And there are still loads of stations in need of repair, a worthy job for any Cmdr looking for something to do with all the gear & cash they grinded for ;)
Just a bit of chatter, I'm curious how everybody is bridge the long wait.

What are your plans?
Let's see
  • finally unlock more engineers (so far got Felicity)
  • have materials
  • rank up a bit combat
  • make more credits
  • spend above on more ships
  • stack them in the station's hangar and never use them again
  • call it modern art
  • fly to Beagle Point
  • at least attempt it
  • or just plan it
  • try again mining
  • buy Orca, outfit it for passenger, fill with whiny people, park in the middle of nowhere and log out
  • for another 6 months
  • play other games

Buy more T-9s.
All the T-9s. :unsure:
Sorry to burst your dream bubble but you can't have mine T-9. Mighty 9? My teen nine? Whaterver - you can't have it.
Let me see now...
  1. Hope to live that long...
  2. Learn that it is actually OK to shoot at someone in an arranged joust (my 'new friends' would laugh at that!)...
  3. Finally get Trade Elite, without mega-mining LTD, VO, et.al.
  4. Buy a new HOTAS (damn you Rift S!)
  5. Have even more fun in Colonia...
Yep, reckon that's a reasonable goal :)
I'll probably do exciting stuff, should be quite amazing.
Nothing to announce at this moment though - but rest assured I'm working hard on it.
Honestly, I don't know. I'll probably finish engineering my fleet. Raxxla will always bring me back to Elite. In the meantime, I could go hiking more... Until Doom Eternal that is.

Hmm, 2020. I honestly haven't planned that far ahead. By then I'll have my last elite rank needed for triple elite and have mastered the Mamba.
I plan in keep coming back for a look to see if we have the 'system map' as an optional module so I can return and be a traveller explorer without leaving an unwanted snail trail of half scanned junk in my wake again... like in pre FSS
Catch up on the power creep.

Joking, it won't ever happen - is just too grindy and the gameplay around it would kill so many brain cells I wouldn't be able to complete it before the servers shutdown anyway.
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