What are your (ingame) plans for the coming 1.5 years until the update arrives?

  1. Get to colonia and unlock engineers (already on the way).
  2. Get to triple elite (discovery and combat to go).
  3. Visit SAG A and Beagle.
  4. Get halfway decent v Thargs.
  5. Err.........
  6. Out of ideas.
Getting my Vulture around the bend and back again from Beagle Point and maybe getting around to messing with the Engineers some more, if I can put up with playing the meta progression grind (for me) long enough.


My current goals

Refill my rapidly depleting Mats
Resume battling the Thargoids
Make Elite in Exploration
Expand faction into another system (again).
Engineer the Mamba, Cutter and rework the Gunship, Fer De Lance
Make Elite in Combat, currently Dangerous at 76%
Rework the Cobra MkIV into a ground base assault ship and go raid some bases.
I might try some of that Engineering stuff.
Other than a quick play when they first appeared I've done nothing with them at all.
Working on filling up mats currently, as I'm only mildly engineered today. Might go kill Thargoids, as I haven't done that yet. Start a new character if I can get my wife playing. Maybe hop out to Colonia. Keep training up my fighter pilots.

But mostly, slap on my DK2 and do stuff....IN SPACE.
My tentative plans include:

  • Finish unlocking a few Guardian modules so I can build a fleet of 'disposable murder' Vipers for BGS ops.
  • Shoot a bunch of people.
  • Master the Mamba.
  • Capture a Thargoid and pimp it out as an exotic sex slave for political favors.
  • Go boldly where quite a few people have gone before, just with more guns.
Sorry, can't have physical relations with the Thargoids as we'd burn them with our bodies, as per the lore and oddly specific dev. posts on the matter. :giggle:
Theme to Goldfinger. One of my obscure impressions, which after a few ice-cold Jack and Cokes, is freaking marvelous. I assure you, one of the best Shirley Bassey impressions you'll ever hear. ;)
Same as always. New content is great, but the game remains the same game regardless. Those who think the new features that will come in 2020 will fundamentally change what the game is are quite likely to be be dissapointed. Be it space legs, base building, or whatever, its still going to be the same game at its core.
Fly the tomcat in dcs, fly various ww2 planes in il2 gb.

Gladly fly elite spaceships in atmospheres, given the chance...
TBH OP, I'm not even waiting for that next major release. Just gonna play the game, do my thing, you know, blaze my own trail. When it comes, it comes, I'll still be playing.
Best version of Total Eclipse of the Heart is the Klingon Jan Wayne original. I'm in open if you object :LOL:
I tried YouTube and this came up:

Once I wanted to watch Psycho Killer. I ended up buying a ukulele. Don't ask.

My bucket list:
  • get everything Guardian
  • unlock all engineers
  • get all ships and engineer them
  • learn to fly 100% FA off
  • git gud at PvP
  • gank the gankers
  • find TDW's station
  • find Raxxla
  • visit all surface sites
  • visit all generation ships
  • go there and back again, without being killed by a neutron star of white dwarf AGAIN
When I'm done with all that, Cyberpunk 2077 will be out. Guess I'll miss the new era just like I missed Horizons and that's okay. ED will be here in 4 years.
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