What are your (ingame) plans for the coming 1.5 years until the update arrives?

Just a bit of chatter, I'm curious how everybody is bridge the long wait.

I myself plan to make kind of a "Z" over the whole galaxy, starting from beagly point (DW2):


The plan is to go along the carina arm to the very "east" of the galaxy, then accross it through sagA* and colonia, then on the outer arm to the south and then back to the bubble. The goal is to arrive at the bubble shortly before the update is live (and enough money to buy possible new stuff :p). All of this should be easily possible by casually playing.

What are your plans?
Sell lots of slaves to make cash.

Seriously, I have only just got to beagle point and then I had to bucky ball the last to major way points. That was nearly 6 months. So I can imagine it taking me over 8 months to get back to the bubble if I go the way I came, but as I intend to take the scenic route, I expect it to take a lot longer.
Finish engineering my fleet, maybe overhaul my flagship Anaconda, continue driving other factions in my home system into the ground, maybe do some more VO mining until I get my balance over the billion mark again.

How far I’ll get before it all gets terribly old is anyone’s guess at this point.

The Replicated Man

Just continue to make PvP videos and help people get into PvP. Planning on streaming soon as well.

I have a alt account that I am working on as well. Just slowly going through the engineers.
If NMS VR proves to be a good experience I will move to those galaxies for a while. My return would eventually depends on what FD deliver next year (legs and atmo)
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