Was thinking about doing this but change my mind

After reading through the whole process and restriction's required is a very big turn away in my option, to be honest. I never so a game for custom scenery in steam then this is to create stuff in the workshop. I hope this takes off, but with what I have seen me there only going be well, surely a few evenings going do this. This has to be the worst setup for something of this nature to even bring a lot of people to the table, but only a few taking on everything for the community
So good luck everyone willing to take the journey of craziness.
In the stream they said the reason they made an online tool for it is because of the 'constant updates'. I'd much rather have an offline tool, which got updated daily if so need be, than to sit around and wait an 40-70 minutes for the uploaded asset to complete the 'build'.

If it's about machine power, I'm quite sure that those who both have the game and are willing to spend time with 3D modeling and texturing have decent computers to handle the computing power required (not that I can imagine it would take a lot).

You're right. It's not inviting to anyone with this waiting. But on the other hand, perhaps they do this by design to make sure the workshop isn't flooded with crap like a lot of other games are.[rolleyes]
As much as it is a limitation in the design of the submission process, in my opinion, I do hope I find time and energy to provide some useful content people would like to use, which I'd love to see in other's creations, parks and videos :)
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