Void Opal Mining opportunity. Join small convoy. Suit newbee. big bucks.

Hi guys, gals,
I am attempting Elite Dangerous multi player for the first time after doing it solo for months.
I have located safe, sure, dark Void Opal hot spot rings and have returned for sale about 1.5 billion worth so far using a covette, conda and a defender.
Void opal core mining only..
Getting a small convoy together with core mining focus and no pirates to worry about. 650 ly from bubble would be fun and help those seeking big bucks.
Good fsd jump range (at least 20 ly), cargo space, mining tools and fuel scoops a must.
Trip duration would be variable depending on participation. I normally take 2 days to load 380 units.380 at 1.6m each.
Send Bizzymate a message on ps4 and lets talk...
Fly dangerously....
Alternatively any advice on hooking up with the above in mind would be appreciated.
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