Uploaded items not showing up in Item List!

! Temporary solution below: !


I had uploaded several items on my item list, and also removed a few. Now something has crashed? I can't find any of my uploaded items anymore! It says it's been put in the queue or whatever?


Please help? [cry]

! Temporary solution: !

I got tipped that you can see your item list on the mobil web browser, so I logged onto there.

From there I started deleting lots of my items that had errors in them, stuff that I didn't need and so on, until there was only one object left in My Items list. I then logged out. Now it appears to be working again as normal on my pc-web browser, but this bug might come back! At least now there is a solution that you can use if you encounter this issue again.
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Yeah it's been an hour and nothing has changed. Is it possible to clear my profile cache so it will work again?
already created a bug reort. I have this issue since yesterday and already cleared cache for firefox.

same with edge for me.
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