Triple Elite Hall of Fame

Congrats to Macros Black, Marz and Neva Starling!

Jontycampbell - you have chosen not to be considered for the hall of fame and your wish has been respected :)
SGT TickleFight - not prejudices here against Xbox, so welcome to the hall of fame!
OnePercent - CMDR_Justin_Bieber added to the list!
Congrats also to Bidabug and Gary J!
Just found this thread, hit 3XE on the 3rd of March 2016

Wasn't meaning to hit elite in exploration, it just sort of happened as I wanted to save it until we could land on earth likes. Took my anaconda on a shakedown cruise that sort of turned into a from one end to the other trip.

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I'm actually shocked there are so few people at triple Elite... I need to drag my tail back out into the black to get the Explorer Elite (been ranger far too long).
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