Newcomer / Intro Thrusters and Hyperspace sound all disappeared

Hi, so sometime this evening, all sounds of the ship vanished - thrusters, hyperspace, other ship sounds. Still have the background music and the voice telling me what's going on but no ship sounds. I checked options/audio settings and nothing's changed - see pic below. Have I inadvertantly hit a combination of keys which have killed all ship sounds? How do I get them back? Tried closing the game and restarting but no change. All other sounds on the PC are fine. Thanks in advance for any clues
I'm wondering if it's something to do with your sound card settings.
Some sort of filter blocking certain types of noise but allowing music through etc.??
Might be worth a look.
Had the same issue on ps4 yesterday. It has come back to normal when I turned down spotify volume a little bit. Maybe it's the same kind of issue on your side.
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