The Xbox One Screenshots Thread

After puttering about in Colonia for a few weeks, running cargo missions, bounty hunting, and trying my hand at mining, I got tired of the fact that I could not unlock any more engineers or buy a Pulse Wave Scanner in the Colonia area. However, I was not yet ready to spend a week or two in the Black again, flying home. So I broke down the three ships I had (my explorer/miner Python, Type-7 cargo hauler, and Viper Mk IV, sold off everything, bought a base Sidewinder, and flew a short ways away from the Colonia Dream station in Ratraii where I had made my base to self-destruct. At the rebuy screen I opted for the Sidewinder in my starting system, beefed up the FSD and installed an FSD booster, and nine jumps later was sailing through the mail slot at my home port of Ray Gateway, Diaguandri. I jumped into my Krait Phantom and outfitted her for deep core mining. After a few days of that I decided I wanted back into the bounty hunting game and headed over to Shinrarta Dezhra and on a whim bought an Alliance Challenger and outfitted it for PvE Bounty Hunting. At some point I'll rebuild all the ships I sold off in Colonia and eventually head back out into the Black, but for now I'll rebuild my supply of engineering mats and start unlocking some more engineers while bounty hunting and mining as the whim strikes.

Rear view of the Krait Phantom under power

A cargo megaship in the Shinrarta Dezhra system

Alliance Challenger on patrol

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Dropping in on Tod McQuinn to upgrade my Multi-Cannons and Fragment Cannon.

Habitation ring on a mega-ship shortly before the fighting started and I wound up at the rebuy screen...

My Krait Phantom waits outside Dav's Hope as I do the rounds...

In the hills nearby Dav's Hope, a skimmer guards a downed CommSat.

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