The Star Citizen Thread V10

I thought they were some sort of eldritch horror disguised as spaceships (with that totally creepy unnatural movement, which of course an elder horror wouldn't know was wrong since they've never seen a space ship). They're probably crewed by the spaghetti men.
You keep completely missing what is causing drifting, in my opinion. You can have a ship that hits 500 and isn't drifty, you can have a ship that hits 30 and is drifty. Driftiness isn't defined by the speed and speed only.
Absolutely, But, my 150kts airplane doesn't do 300m/s, so I'm not sure how it would feel there :cool:
Absolutely, But, my 150kts airplane doesn't do 300m/s, so I'm not sure how it would feel there :cool:
Well, the driftiness is caused by two things - your speed (forward motion vector) and the resistance (backward motion vector), both of which are applied when you swerve in smaller amounts. And the resistance is a sum of two things, first your backwards thrusters (which are not on planes, of course) and then wind resistance (which, conversely, aren't in the space).
So basically if you hit 500 forward speed, but have huge retrothrusters, you can negate your forward speed within so tiny amount of time that you won't drift. If you hit 30 in space, but have no retrothrusters, you will drift forward until you turn around at least a bit (91+ degrees turn) and minimize your forward vector.
And if you are in a plane with no retrothrusters and have to rely purely on wind resistance, you will drift for a bit - the more you speed up, the more, because maximum wind resistance is fairly constant.

Looks like he is utilizing his VR headset nicely. But, it is no VR game, that's for sure. A little drifty, but what do you expect? As some points he is hitting 300 m/s, so I would think drifty.

Anyone here fly at 300 m/s? Do you drift, or handle like rails?
Looks a bit like playing Colin McRae Rally but in 6D... Amused by the "Activate Windows" in the screen cap... can afford a killer rig, but not an OS license? :p
“Driftiness”. As if SC had anything remotely resembling a dynamics simulation to a level that would warrant using that word. It's just deliberate sluggishness because they feel the need to fiddle with the parameters to make it appear like they're actually creating a flight model. :D
Used to enjoy drifiting like that on an arcade game ported to the Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi was the name.
Hey hey hey it's time for more cer-razy music and more cer-razy flying in Ker-razy STAAAAAAR CIIITITEEEEN (Racing)

Boom tzzz Boom tzzz Boom tzzz..

Go ahead and pick a ship package and driv-aar:

You picked Billy Joe "hey hey hey let's goo...."

Boom tzzz Boom tzzz Boom tzzz..

Let's go..are ya ready?

Insert some coins to continue..

Now pick a ship package

flying da "Idris!"

Let's go are ya ready?

Insert MANY more coins to continue...

Take me to KFC(tm)!

Insert more coins to continue..

Alpha content, insert more coins to continue
Hoverbike flips out after dismount. :D
That's emergent gameplay right there. You'll have bands of Cowcitizens riding out to rope and tame them wild dragonflies. Then they'll bring them into rodeos and have competitions to stay on for the longest. The possibilities never end with the BDSSE.
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