The Quest To Find Raxxla

Is it no longer possible to get a van maanen permit? I just turned in some exploration data and achieved allied. Did not get a permit mission or anything..
I just did this a few nights ago. Once allied, pick up the permit from the mission board. :) I thought at one point they were granted automatically but maybe I've been out in the black too long...
I just did this a few nights ago. Once allied, pick up the permit from the mission board. :) I thought at one point they were granted automatically but maybe I've been out in the black too long...
Got it, had to go to another station in the system for it to pop up.
I just did this a few nights ago. Once allied, pick up the permit from the mission board. :) I thought at one point they were granted automatically but maybe I've been out in the black too long...

it's not automatic... and is usually at all the faction boards and systems now.
Was waiting on some item to respawn in the market for a mission, got bored and pulled up the codex for The Federation. For the first time I noticed the first colonies list, Tau Ceti (knew that), (can't remember this one), Beta Hydri, and finally Altair. Did Guru fly this path and try it out, or has it been done? You know, follow in the footsteps of the original vagabonds?
Operation Less Than Three
Mission brief: Track systems & factions to where TDW gives benevolent missions. Get Allied with set factions in set systems.
Goal: Obtain TDW invitation to the hidden station mentioned in the OP.
SystemFactionSystem AlliedFaction Relationship
AeneasAenas ResistanceAllied
AeneasAeneas LabourAllied
AeneasChontantici ConfedercyAllied
AeneasLDS 413 ResistanceAllied
AnyanwuAlliance of LTT 5419Allied
AkandiConfederacy of AkandiAllied
AkandiFong Wang FutureAllied
Arro NagaFuture of Arro NagaAllied
Arro NagaConstitution Party of Arro NagaAllied
Arro NagaBureau of Arro Naga LeagueAllied
Arro NagaFong Wang LimitedAllied
Arro NagaPeople's Bunda IndependentsAllied
Bevan's HopeKwazahui FutureAllied
Bevan's HopeValues Party of BanduaAllied
BundaBunda Bridge & CoAllied
BundaBunda DragoonsAllied
BundaBunda Focus(*)Allied
BundaEravarenth AllianceAllied
BundaPeople's Bunda IndependentsAllied
CD-33 8748Alliance of CD-33 8748Allied
CD-33 8748CD-33 8748 Values PartyAllied
CD-33 8748Coalition of PaitinaAllied
CD-33 8748HR 4979 UnionAllied
CD-33 8748LTT 5131 United LtdAllied
ER 8ER 8 GangAllied
ER 8ER 8 Purple General & CoAllied
ER 8Union of ER 8 AllianceAllied
ER 8V886 Centauri FutureAllied
EravarenthEravarenth AllianceAllied
Fong WangElite Space RangersAllied
Fong WangFong Wang FutureAllied
Fong WangFong Wang LimitedAllied
Fong WangOfficial LTT 5212 PartyAllied
GCRV 3034Kalveti for Equality160Ly from SD. Follow-on.Allied
GnoweeFuture of Arro NagaYesAllied
GnoweeGnowee Energy LimitedAllied
GnoweeGnowee PartnershipAllied
GnoweeLHS 332 CoalitionAllied
GnoweeLost legionAllied
GnoweeMonarchy of MasszonyAllied
GnoweeV886 Centauri FutureAllied
HeveriHeveri BureauYesAllied
HeveriHeveri Legal SolutionsAllied
HeveriHeveri PrideAllied
HeveriLeague of LogoniAllied
HR 4979Alliance of CD-33 8748Allied
HR 4979HR 4979 IncAllied
HR 4979HR 4979 NoblesAllied
KattaKatta CollectiveYesAllied
KattaEravarenth AllianceAllied
KattaKatta Galactic SystemsAllied
KattaHeveri Legal SolutionsAllied
KattaPeople's Bunda IndependentsAllied
LDS 413Aeneas LabourAllied
LDS 413LDS 413 BureauAllied
LDS 413LDS 413 PartnersAllied
LDS 413LDS 413 Resistance(P)Allied
LDS 413Kipsiginnes Vision PartnersAllied
LFT 926Fong Wang LimitedAllied
LFT 926Green party of LFT 926Allied
LFT 926Los ChupacabrasAllied
LFT 926The Dark WheelAllied
LHS 2477Hodack Prison ColonyAllied
LHS 2477Lords of LHS 2477Allied
LHS 2813Future of Arro NagaAllied
LHS 2813LHS 2813 ConfederationAllied
LHS 31744th Vulture Syndicate(*)Allied
LHS 317Traditional LHS 317 DominionAllied
LHS 317LHS 317 FutureAllied
LHS 317LHS 317 Travel ExchangeAllied
LHS 317LP 908-11 IndependentsAllied
LHS 317LP 906-9 Blue Natural GroupAllied
LHS 317United LHS 317 Freedom PartyAllied
LHS 332Collective of Independent AgentsAllied
LHS 332Green Party of LFT 926Allied
LHS 332LHS 332 Coalition(P)Allied
LHS 332LHS 332 Purple SyndicateAllied
LHS 346LHS 346 Crimson SyndicateAllied
LHS 346LHS 346 DemocratsAllied
LHS 346LHS 346 PartnershipAllied
LHS 346Union of ER 8 AllianceAllied
LP 908-11Allied LP 908-11 firstAllied
LP 908-11LP 908-11 Independents(*)Allied
LP 908-11Affiliates of Rhea-Sol Entrepreneurial SocietyAllied
LP 908-11LHS 317 FutureAllied
LP 908-11LHS 317 Travel ExchangeAllied
LTT 4487LHS 2477 Jet Fortune Corp.Allied
LTT 4487LTT 4487 StakeholdersAllied
LTT 4487Crimson State GroupAllied
LTT 4487People's Heveri Values PartyAllied
LTT 4497Eravarenth AllianceAllied
LTT 4497LTT 4497 IndustryAllied
LTT 4497Partnership of LTT 4497Allied
LTT 5131Alliance of CD-33 8748Allied
LTT 5131Green Party of LFT 926Allied
LTT 5131People's LTT 5131 Green PartyAllied
LTT 5131LTT 5131 Blue CrewAllied
LTT 5131New LTT 5131 Defence PartyAllied
LTT 5212Confederacy of AkandiYesAllied
LTT 5212Family of LTT 5212(*)Allied
LTT 5212Future of Arro NagaAllied
LTT 5212LTT 5212 Crimson Netcoms Corp.Allied
LTT 5212Revolutionary Party of LTT 5212Allied
LTT 5212Official LTT 5212 PartyAllied
LTT 5212United Kunggi IndependentsAllied
NuenetsV886 Centauri FutureAllied
NuenetsNuenets Blue Crew17-05-3305: AddedAllied
NuenetsNuenets Corp18-05-3305: AddedAllied
NuenetsRevolutionary Party of NuenetsAllied
Shinrarta DezhraFuture of Arro NagaYesAllied
Shinrarta DezhraThe Dark WheelAllied
Skeggiko OWorkers of Skeggiko O LabourAllied
SolatiDominion of SolatiYesAllied
SolatiNew Solati Liberals(*)Allied
SolatiSolati Galactic ServicesAllied
SolatiSolati Jet Drug EmpireAllied
SolatiSolati Justice PartyAllied
TimbalderisWorkers of Y Velorum Revolutionary PartyAllied
TimbalderisKwazahui FutureAllied
TimbalderisTimbalderis NationalsAllied
V886 CentauriGnowee Independent ConsulateAllied
V886 CentauriLaw of DemeterAllied
V886 CentauriV886 Centauri FutureAllied
(*) Faction appears in both tables.
Not so benevolent missions:
AeneasAeneas LabourRemove politician
AeneasAeneas OrganisationRemove politician
AeneasLDS 413 PartnersRemove politician
AeneasLDS 413 ResistanceRemove politician
AeneasMonarchy of AeneasRemove politician
AkandiArcadia CorporatioonRemove politician
AkandiFong Wang FutureRemove politician
AkandiHodack Prison ColonyRemove politician
AkandiOfficial LTT 5212 PartyRemove politician
Arro NagaArro Naga Gold SocietyRemove politician
Arro NagaBureau of Arro Naga LeagueRemove politician
Arro NagaCelestial Horizon CorpRemove politician
Arro NagaConstitution Party of Arro NagaRemove politician
Arro NagaFuture of Arro NagaRemove politician
Arro NagaPeople's Bunda IndependentsRemove politician
BundaBunda Bridge and CoRemovve politician
BundaBunda Crimson OrganisationRemove politician
BundaBunda Industryremove politician
BundaBunda FocusRemove politician
BundaEravarenth AllianceRemove politician
BundaPeople's Bunda IndependentsRemove politician
CD-33 8748Alliance of CD-33 8748Remove politician
CD-33 8748CD-33 8748 BoysRemove politician
CD-33 8748CD-33 8748 IndustriesRemove politician
CD-33 8748CD-33 8748 Values PartyRemove politician
CD-33 8748Coalition of PaitineRemove politician
CD-33 8748HR 4979 UnionRemove politician
CD-33 8748LTT 5131 United LtdRemove politician
EravarenthFong Wang Crimson PosseRemove politician
EravarenthLHS 346 Crimson SyndicateRemove politician
Fong WangAllied Fong Wang FrontRemove politician
Fong WangFong Wang Crimson PosseRemove politician
Fong WangFong Wang FutureRemove politician
Fong WangFong Wang LimitedRemove politician
Fong WangFong Wang Regulatory StateRemove politician
Fong WangLHS 2813 democratsRemove politician
Fong WangOfficial LTT 5212 PartyRemove politician
GuyCollective of Independent AgentsDisable the megaship turrets
HeveriHeveri BureauWetwork job
HeveriHeveri PrideRemove politician
HeveriLeague of LogoniRemove politician
HeveriHeveri Legal SolutionsRemove politician
HeveriLogoni NetworkRemove politician
HeveriPeople's Heveri Values PartyRemove politician
HR 4979LTT 5131 United LtdRemove politician
HR 4979V886 Centauri FamilyRemove politician
HR 4979Timbalderis CartelRemove politician
KattaHeveri Legal SolutionsRemove politician
KattaKatta Collective
KattaPeople's Bunda IndependentsRemove politician
LDS 413LDS 413 BureauRemove politician
LDS 413LDS 413 Partners
LDS 413LDS 413 Purple SyndicateRemove politician
LDS 413LDS 413 ResistanceRemove politician
LDS 413LDS 413 Vision ServicesRemove politician
LDS 413Timbalderis CartelRemove politician
LFT 926Clan of LHS 317Kill terrorist
LFT 926Green Party Of LFT 926Illegal black box salvage operation
LFT 926Defense Party of LFT 926Remove politician
LFT 926LFT 926 Blue Hand GangMassacre faction Pirates
LFT 926Fong Wang LimitedPlanetary scan job
LFT 926LFT 926 InterstellarRemove politician
LFT 926Los ChupacabbrasRemove politician
LHS 2477Crimson State GroupRemove politician
LHS 2477LHS 2477 Jet Fortune Corp.Remove politician
LHS 2477LTT 4487 IndustryRemove politician
LHS 317LP 908-11 IndependentsRemove politician
LHS 31744th Vulture SyndicateRemove politician
LHS 317LP 906-9 Blue Natural GroupPlanetary scan job
LHS 317Clan of 317Remove politician
LHS 317Traditional LHS 317 DominionRemove politician
LHS 317United LHS 317 Freedom PartyRemove politician
LHS 317V886 Centauri FamilyBlack box salvage
LHS 346Anyanwu Life GroupRemove politician
LHS 346LHS 346 Federal ExchangeRemove politician
LHS 346LHS 346 Crimson SyndicateRemove politician
LHS 346LHS 346 PartnershipRemove politician
LHS 346Union of ER 8 AllianceRemove politician
LP 908-11Affiliates of Rhea-Sol Entrepreneurial SocietyRemove politician
LP 908-11Crew of LP 908-11Remove politician
LP 908-11LHS 317 Travel ExchangeRemove politician
LP 908-11LP 908-11 IndependentsRemove politician
LP 908-11Allied LP 908-11 FirstRemove politician
LP 908-11LP 908-11 NetworkRemove politiccian
LP 908-11LHS 317 FutureRemove politiccian
LP 908-11Solati Jet Drug EmpireRemove politician
LTT 4487Nuenets Blue CrewBlack box salvage operation
LTT 4497LTT 4487 IndustryPlanetary scan job
LTT 4497LTT 4497 Life SolutionsRemove politician
LTT 4497Mafia of LTT 4497Remove politician
LTT 4497Partnership of LTT 4497Remove politician
LTT 5131Crew of LP 908-11Remove politician
LTT 5131New LTT 5131 Defence PartyRemove politiccian
LTT 5131Nuenets Corp.Remove politician
LTT 5131People's LTT 5131 Green PartyRemove politician
LTT 5131LTT 5131 United LtdRemove politician
LTT 5131LTT 5131 Blue CrewRemove politician
LTT 5212Family of LTT 5212Remove politician
LTT 5212United Kunggi IndependentsRemove politician
NuenetsCollective of Independents AgentsAssassinate known pirate
NuenetsConstitution Party of NuenetsRemove politician
NuenetsNuenets Blue CrewBlack Box Salvage Operation
NuenetsNuenets Blue CrewAssassinate Pirate Lord
NuenetsNuenets Corp.Remove politician
NuenetsNuenets Corp.Illegal black box salvage operation
NuenetsNuenets Jet State LimitedRemove politician
NuenetsRevolutionary Party of NuenetsRemove politician
NuenetsV855 Centauri FutureRemove politician
NuenetsV886 Centauri FutureRemove politician
Nu-2 LupiDisable the Megaship Turrets
Shinrarta DezhraTimbalderis CartelKill terrorist
SolatiER 8 GangKill terrorist
SolatiDominion of SolatiRemove politician
SolatiFederal Reclamation CoRemove politician
SolatiHodack Prison ColonyRemove politician
SolatiNew Solati LiberalsRemove politician
SolatiSolati Jet Drug EmpireRemove politician
SolatiSolati Justice PartRemove politician
Skeggiko OEta Crucis FuturePlanetary scan job
TimbalderisFong Wang Crimson PosseUrgent kill order
V886 CentauriBureau of V886 CentauriRemove politician
V886 CentauriGnowee Independent ConsulateRemove politician
V886 CentauriV886 Centauri CorporationClean out sentry skimmer
V886 CentauriV886 Centauri FutureClean out sentry skimmer
V866 CentauriLaw of DemeterRemove politician
V886 CentauriUnited V886 Centauri AutocracyRemove politician
V886 CentauriV886 Centauri FamilyRemove politician

RaNaketh's list:

The 30 inhabited systems within 20Ly of Shinrarta Dezhra:
Arro Naga
Bevan's Hope
CD-33 8748
ER 8
Fong Wang
HR 4979
LDS 413
LFT 926
LHS 2477
LHS 2813
LHS 317
LHS 332
LHS 346
LP 908-11
LTT 4487
LTT 4497
LTT 5131
LTT 5212
Skeggiko O
V886 Centauri

$systems = Invoke-RestMethod " Dezhra&radius=20&showInformation=1"
$inhabitedSystems = $systems | ? { $_.information.allegiance }

Allied count per 31-05-3305:78 (Including Kalveti for Equality)
Allied count per 02-07-3305:90 (Including Kalveti for Equality)
Im raising my rep with TDW and they currently send me most of the time to Nuenets system
probably stupid question: there should be a triple Elite for being able "to be found" by the Raxxla-gang. So...has anyone who is currently researching this rank?
You have a way to go, but don’t worry. The triple Elite “requirement” was just the hypothesis of a livestreamer three years ago which people bought into. Many people of triple Elite rank have searched & found no advantage. It originally arose out of the 1984 novella which accompanied the original game and said you wouldn’t find Raxxla unless you were Elite; that novella has been retconned out by FD & is not canon for Elite Dangerous, so that requirement is bogus.
Join in the search NOW, the Quest for Raxxla needs you! 🙂
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