The Hutton Challenge

Hey Commanders, I thought it would be fun to take the Hutton Challenge. So here is what I've Done. I Have traveled to Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centauri system. To collect "THE MUG" After I collected it I took a picture of my Ship Next to the station to prove I was there..I'm Calling it "A MUG SHOT"...So take your Mug shot and post it here to prove you were there... Hope to see some nice pics.

I still think that "THE MUG" can be an unlockable decoration for your ship dashboard. Maybe it could boost sales for other products once CMDRs see how cool it looks.

Also, considering how long and boring the trip is, why don't give a free trading product that sells pretty well in other systems so people won't feel disappointed for completing a pointless rite of passage? Maybe a special drink called "The Anaconda".
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