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So, what laden jump range are people getting from haulage Cutters?
with no scoop at 794t I'm getting 24.66ly, with a 4H fsd booster, 5A scoop and an ADC for CMM hunting on high G planets I'm at 34.4ly laden moving 744t. For those that fly Conda's we do have an insanely stripped down version that is 78ly unladen and 49.99ly with a cargo cap of 372t
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So, what laden jump range are people getting from haulage Cutters?
The best i can come up, while still having some survability until high wake, is this
But since i cba to redo my Cutter (running as a heavy combat trader), i did a T9 that had 30.5 laden and 45 unladen. And i have to say that i quite enjoyed flying it.

Maybe i will do one tho... T9 is so painful in interdictions and it is faster to just submit > boost > highwake
So, what laden jump range are people getting from haulage Cutters?
34,33 ly (unladen 45ly). 640t, 6A scoop, SCA+ADC for luxus and easy parking. Optimized for surviving in Open against gankers (not wings ofc), so Dirty+Drag with boost 0:05. 4x PDT against dumbfire and reverb torps. Mil grade armor HD + DP and 1200 Shield (with 4x boosters its Explosive 3848, Kinetic 3206, Thermal 1675). Costs 500M.

Usually only used for CG short hauling in the bubble, then its 704t with no scoop.
So, what laden jump range are people getting from haulage Cutters?
I'm getting 32.90ly out of mine ( at 712t.
But I've seen builds with up to 34.50ly around here.
Here are some discussion about builds in this very thread:
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I think this deliveries not counting bug may relate to the time of day/traffic in game, early hrs of the morning in the UK and I dropped off 3800t of Copper to Cann and every tonne counted yet this afternoon the requirement was 12096t of copper needed and I've dropped off a further 1520t and non has counted.

From this list in Canonn's Codex, half of the top 10 in hyperdictions are Op Ida management/members. Ninj is one of the admins & founders of the group and the big boss. JaggedMallard is one of our Coordinators along with TALLTIMZ1 who is also one of the ones in charge of our BGS. BlakeA is one of the current admins for the group and one of the BGS directors. Darth Dev used to be an admin for us and has been afk from Elite for some time now, and GrayC is one of our longest tenured haulers. A majority of these hyperdictions came from the Pleiades since we spent 13 months out there repairing 20 stations last year. As you now have learned reparing a station requires you to make a lot of jumps. So we always "assumed" that hyperdictions were given to random cmdrs, more so to the ones that are constantly jumping from system to system. I would love to have a more detailed reason as to why only some cmdrs experience hyperdictions and others still have yet to.
The hyperdictions may "simply" be triggered in proportion to the number of NHSSs in the system we travel through. There's a lot in Witch Head systems, are there a similar number in Pleiades ? I will be out there shortly, and will remember to look.
Tantalum is completed for Cann Relay.

To add some more confusing data points to the hyperdiction discussion: did 4 runs to Jade's Pride today, got intercepted 3 times. That is after getting only sporadic attention from the Thargoids before 🤷‍♀️

Now I've gotten myself one of them newfangled Shutdown field neutralisers and a xeno scanner, and I'm starting to scan those creeps back :alien::unsure:
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