The Enclave - Overview of Phases

Actually... some people getting no hyperdictions and others getting lots is more random than you might think :) dont get me started on how few UP spawns i got near ammonia worlds across days of waiting, while others got multiple within minutes.

MMO random has made people conflate, say, a 10% chance of an event with the event happening every ten times. Bit tangential and more complex than that... but hopefully you get my drift.

It's also worth noting that there was a bug a while back when these first happened where once you got hyperdicted... you got hyperdicted literally every jump attempt out of that system for up to an hour, unless you waited it out or closed/ reopened the game. I could speculate on the meaning of that.... but hey... like i said before, go forth and science. Just making sure people know there's a lot of info out there already :)
Only saw that behaviour during the CG to bring in Thargoid Wake scans.

Collected loads while escaping but the CG ended while trying to get back.

[I heard a rumour the devs turned the spawn rate up to 11... Utter lunacy!]
Nice one.
As I'm having a short haul day I guess I'll move onto copper then
If you're hauling to Cann Relay from Jackrock Outpost, Jade's Pride, or Horak Depot you'll make more credits (about 6 times as much) carrying Tantalum rather than Copper. You may as well cover the cost of your ship's wear and tear :)
I believe @Factabulous tried this before without success but could be RNGesus at work...
yeah, I did a delivery split into 101, 102, 103, 104 etc T to see if I could see which ones went missing, if any. None turned up :)

But since Speedcuffs reckons they've seen some turn up, I have no idea. Need more data! I seem to remember trying the same thing when station repair started (back before Operation IDA ;) ) and don't remember it ever working out - but that was a while ago
To truly minimise the damage we would probably have to drop a tonne at a time, I am fairly sure this wouldn't be a popular option.
It wouldn't help anyway.

If the losses are uncorrelated - e.g. it's just a 10% chance per sale - then if you bring 500t per trip and sell a tonne at a time, you'll lose 500t over 10 trips. On the other hand, if you sell the lot at once, you'll probably still lose 500t over 10 trips.

On the other hand, if the losses are correlated in a non-obvious way so that sales carried out 'near' each other probably have the same success - e.g. there's a particular transaction server that's throwing away the sales, or the losses happen when the number of players in the game exceeds 5000 concurrent - then it's pretty likely that selling one at a time they'll either all succeed or all fail, with mostly identical results to just selling the whole batch at once, but taking longer.

If it was time-based - e.g. sales made in a minute ending in '3' are lost, but more opaque - you could sell one at a time until one of them counted, then quickly dump the rest at once. But in practice that's going to get into "I hear that if you name your ship after the cargo you're bringing it doesn't get lost" levels of superstition pretty quick.
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