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I like an acronym which I got from soldiers - SNAFU - situation normal, all f..ked up. I found this really funny.
If you liked that then you'll love FUBAR*...but not for the acronym dictionary,i think.
An update/archive sounds like a good idea.It saved me a bit of head scratching in some of the denser, more technical threads.
. The following are not included in the current list.
. NSP = Notable Stellar Phenomena.
MC = MultiCrew or Metallic Crystals or Multi-cannon.
*beyond all recognition
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Yes,i wasn't sure about multi cannon,so thought i'd check.I think gunnies probably have a lot more,similar mining.:)
5C - Fifth column from the wiki page "A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favour of an enemy group or nation." in the context of this game its pledging to a power for the sole purpose of sabotaging it.
I see a lot of new acronyms explained here.

Is ther any way to add them to the OP? It would be really helpful to get them into the list in alphabetical order.
But I guess it would require a forum admin to do that. Unless the original author is still around.
I see a lot of new acronyms explained here.

Is ther any way to add them to the OP? It would be really helpful to get them into the list in alphabetical order.
But I guess it would require a forum admin to do that. Unless the original author is still around.
Your additions added - Many thanks

o7 Cmdr Nutter!
I was hoping that you'd let me copy your list as it is (since it's the best condensed one I've seen -- I was working on one) on a website I'm building both for my squadron during Distant Worlds 2 and as a thank you for Frontier Developments and Elite Dangerous, especially for the extraordinary community we have going on.

Please let me know if this would be ok with you, it would go with the proper credit of course. - Also, I sent you a friend request in case that helps with messaging and to know how would you like your credit to appear - including links to your channel or anything of the kind.

:) Thanks a million again Cmdr, and see you in the black
As I browse through the forums I sometimes stumble across a new acronym and have to figure out what it means, so I'm sure it's a steep learning curve for newcomers.

Well fret no more, here is the ultimate acronym guide in all its glory, I will keep it up to date and with the help of the community will keep it complete!

  1. o7 – Commander salute
    Elite Dangerous Acronyms(My humble attempt at a UEDAG lol)
    5C - Fifth column (A group of people who undermine a larger group from within)
    84 - 1984 - year when original Elite was released; also “Class of 84” - players of the original game)
    ADS - Advanced Discovery Scanner (All the System)
    AFAIK - As far as I know
    AFM - Automatic field Maintenance
    AI - Artificial intelligence (Non Human intelligence)
    API - Application Program Interface
    ATR - Advanced Tactical Responders (heavily armed security ships)
    AU - Astronomical Unit (distance Earth to Sun aka 149,597,870,700 meters)
    AW - Ammonia world
    AX - Anti Xeno (Describes technology used against Thargoids)
    BBC/Beeb -Refers to the BBC Micro computer that the original 1980's Elite ran on
    BDS - Basic Discovery Scanner (500 LS)
    BGS/ - Background Simulation
    BH - Black hole
    Binding - Mapping a key to a specific role
    Breadbin - 1990s/2000s nickname to DB
    BSR - Brave Sir Robin (jumping or frameshifting away from a fight)
    Buff - Improve/strengthen
    c - The speed of light; used in super cruise speed read outs (e.g. 0.11c, 25.6c)
    CBE/COBE - Commander of the Order of the British Empire
    CC - Command Capital
    CG - Community Goal
    Clean - wanted status (in that jurisdiction)
    CMDR - Commander
    Conda - Anaconda abbreviation
    CTD - Crash To Desktop (The game crashes, raise a ticket commander!)
    CQC - Close Quarter Combat or Championship
    Cx - Class X of weapons. X that can be 1,2,3 etc.
    CxF - Class X Fixed of weapons. X that can be 1,2,3 etc.
    CZ - Combat or Conflict Zone
    DB - David Braben - creator ED & co-author original Elite
    DBE/DBX - Diamondback Explorer
    DBOBE - David Braben Officer of the Order of the British Empire
    DBS - Diamondback Scout
    DDA - Design Discussion Archive (See
    DDF - Design Discussion Forum (Forum for game design discussions)
    Devs/FDevs - Frontier Developments PLC or staff at Frontier
    Diso - a system in the old worlds (famous for being in the earlier games)
    Disco Scanner - Discovery Scanner (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced)
    Dockered - landing pad reassigned
    DPS - Damage per second
    DSS - Detailed surface scanner (used during exploration)
    ED - Elite Dangerous
    Elite 4 - Specualted name for ED since 1990s
    ELP - Earth like planet
    ELW - Earth like world
    EMP - Electromagnetic pulse (EMP interference is generally disruptive or damaging to electronic equipment - UP's can disable your entire ship for a number of seconds)
    FA - Flight assist.(When switched on your ship will fly like a plane on planet Earth)
    FAO - Flight assist off. (Your ship will fly like a ship in space, each thruster acts separately)
    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Really?)
    FD - Frontier Developments (Founded by DB to continue development of Elite)
    FDL - Fer-de-lance
    FE2 - Frontier Elite 2
    FEF - Fantastic Elite Fiction
    FFE - Frontier First Encounters
    Freeagle - The free eagle Mercenary Edition owners receive in game
    FOV/FoV - Field of view
    Fracking - Flight rig assist constant kinetics (my attempt at rapid FA on/off adjustments)lol
    FSD - Frame Shift Drive (engine used for super cruising)
    FTL - Faster Than Light (To go faster than the speed of light) >671 million miles per hour
    Game Modes - Solo, open, or group
    GPP - Game Preview Program (for Xbox One)
    Griefed - NPC shot me in CZ
    GUI - Graphical User Interface
    HD - High definition
    HH - Happy Hello (to say an even friendlier hello than a wing waggle by opening your
    cargo scoop at someone.)
    HOTAS - Hands on throttle and stick (joystick and throttle controls set-up)
    HUD - Heads Up Display (Graphic like your target recital for example)
    IDS - Intermediate Discovery Scanner (1,000 LS)
    IF - Interstellar Factor for bounties
    IMO - In my opinion
    IMHO - In my humble opinion
    Interdict -Intercept/stop - describes when another ship pulls you out of super cruise
    Ironman - A derivative game where a player must delete their save on character death.
    Jonty - perform some sort of upgrade
    Kylie - 1000/kilo light year
    KLY - Kilo-lightyear
    KM or K/M - Keyboard & Mouse controls, sometimes used as Km
    Km - Kilometer - 1,000 meters
    KWS - Kill warrant scanner
    LHH - Last Homely Home
    LS - distance Light travels in one second or Light Speed (299,792.458km)
    LSB - Long Standing Bug
    LY - distance light travels in one year (9.4605284 × 1012km)
    m - meter smallest unit of measure in ED
    MBE - Member of the Order of the British Empire
    MC - MultiCrew or Metallic Crystals or Multi-cannon
    Mm -Megameter - 1,000,000 meters
    MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online (game played online with by humans at the same time)
    Mobius - Most populated group in ED
    NAV Beacon - A waypoint near a sun in core space
    Nebula - A cloud of gas and dust located in outer space
    Nerf - To weaken or reduce effectiveness
    Noob - New and / or inexperienced player
    NPC - non player character
    OBE - Officer in the Order of the British Empire or Order of the British Empire
    OO- Obsidian Orbital
    OP - Original Post (person or entry) OR Over-powered
    OTOH - On the other hand
    Parsec - 3.26 light years
    PB - Premium Beta
    PB1 - Premium Beta 1
    PB2 - Premium Beta 2
    PBF - Private (or Players) Backers forum
    PC - player character
    Permit - Authorization to visit a specific, and otherwise restricted, system
    PG - Private group or Procedural generation (way to create game content algorithmically)
    Pip - unit of power to distribute to your systems
    POV/PoV - Point of view
    PP - Powerplay (1.3 release)
    PvE - Player vs. Environment
    PvP - Player vs. Player
    PWF - Player Writer Forum (hidden from almost everyone)
    PwP - Player WITH Player (ultimate antidote to PvP)
    RES/RSS - Resouce extraction site (May be high or low intensity)
    RNG - Random number generator
    Sag A*/Sgr A* - Sagittarius A* (Pronounced Sagittarius A star)
    SCB - Shield Cell Bank
    SB - Shield Booster or Standard Beta
    SC - Super cruise (FTL made possible by warping space around your ship)
    Sidey - Sidewinder
    Slopey - Forum moderator and author of BPC Market tool.
    SMBH - Super massive black hole
    SOL - The name of both our sun and our solar system
    SP - Single player
    SRV - Surface Recon Vehicle
    SSS - Strong signal source
    Toast Rack - The metal frame work around the entrance to a station.
    T6 - Type-6 Transport
    T7 - Type-7 Transport
    T9 - Type-9 Heavy Transport
    TC/TFC - Terraformable candidate
    Thargoid - Alien race expected in a future release
    Thrudds - Reference to a third party on-line trade tool. (See
    TLB - Target Lock Breaker (Special Effect for Plasma Accelerators)
    TLDR - Too long, didn’t read (reply to long post or if OP too long summarize in TLDR area)
    UA - Unknown Artefact (Alien tech, scans your ship and causes damage if carried without cargo hold upgrade)
    UEDAG - Ultimate Elite Dangerous Acronym Guide (this is my attempt lol)
    UI - User Interface (panels)
    UP - Unknown Probe (Alien Tech, using a discovery scanner causes probe to EMP your ship which lasts around 10 seconds)
    USS - Unidentified signal source
    VA - Voice Attack. (A way of controlling your ship through spoken commands.)
    VR - Virtual reality
    Wanted - An outstanding bounty is attached to the player in question
    Witchspace - The tunnel of hyperspace in which you travel between stars
    Wings - (1.2 release)
    WSS - Weak signal source
    WW - Water world
    WWag - Wing Waggle (Tipping wings up and down a few times to wave hello)
    WZ - War zone (see CZ)
    YT - YouTube
That's it so far, please help with additions, better descriptions and corrections. Also thanks go to Riochat for the awesome update!

Fly Safe!
TLB - Target Lock Breaker (Special Effect for Plasma Accelerators)

i added it into the quoted list above in the correct place so you can copy paste.
Since a fair number of slang and jargon terms that aren't acronyms have been included already, some of these are that (and some are actually acronyms):
Actual acronyms:
BRC/BBRC = Buckyball Racing Club
FR = Fuel Rats
HOSAS = Hands on Stick and Stick (i.e. dual stick control scheme)
HS = Heat Sink
ECM = Electronic Countermeasures
MW = Megawatt (unit of power consumption)
MJ = Megajoule (unit of shield strength)
T10 = Type 10
FGS = Federal Gunship
FAS = Federal Assault Ship
PA = Plasma Accelerator
APA = Advanced Plasma Accelerator
WD = White Dwarf
HRP = Hull Reinforcement Package
MRP = Module Reinforcement Package
GMRP = Guardian Module Reinforcement Package
GSRP = Guardian Shield Reinforcement Package
AFMU = Auto Field Maintenance Unit
PD = Point Defense
OBAFGKM = The scoopable stellar classes.
TT/TTS = T Tauri Star
WR = Wolf-Rayet Star
IF = Interstellar Factors
CB = Combat Bond
HGE = (High Grade Emissions detected, a type of signal source)
SLF = Ship Launched Fighter
ZP = Zorgon-Peterson
FD = Faulcon Delacy (or Frontier Developments)
CD = Core Dynamics
RES = Resource Extraction Site
HIRES = High Intensity Resource Extraction Site
HAZRES = Hazardous Resource Extraction Site

Jargon and Slang:
High Wake = Jump to hyperspace
Low Wake = Jump to supercruise
Imp = Imperial (only perjorative if spoken by a Fed)
Fed = Federal (only perjorative if spoken by an Imp)
Buckyballing = Travelling like a Buckyball racer (Starting each jump right as the cooldown from the previous jump ends, taking 44-45 seconds per jump)
Heat Damage = The inevitable consequence of Buckyballing, especially in a slow-scooping ship
Bask = show proper respect and admiration for Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. Alternately, to willfully endure heat damage while Buckyballing, especially in a Gutamaya ship. The Imperial Courier is particularly notorious for basking in this sense.
Sadge = Buckyballer slang for Sagittarius A*
Discoconda = Old school slang for an Anaconda with beam laser turrets (I always thought it should be "Disconda", myself)
Lithobraking = Buckyballer slang for intentionally scraping the inside of the mailslot or some other surface to rapidly scrub speed, usually when speed docking.
Gravity Brake (also grav brake, planet brake) = Technique of using a planet's gravity well to decelerate yourself rapidly on supercruise approach to a station.
Frag = Fragmentation Cannon
Reverski = A combat tactic in which a pilot flies backwards to keep his enemy in front of his guns (a bit oversimplified, but...)
Rat Signal = a call to the Fuel Rats for help when you didn't remember OBAFGKM

I'm sure I'll think of more now that I've posted this.
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I've updated the OP and added new slang section (to be worked on) - Great Suggestion Rankaze! Not sure on the Bucky references as may be too specific, but they are in for now.

Right on Commander!

  • EBL = Elephant Butt Leather (the low-quality shadow bug in ship cockpits on PS4, acknowledged by Frontier)
  • DDS = Dancing Disco Shadows (the TERRIBLE broken shadows on PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro performance mode)
There, now it's official!
All of the following slang/jargon shamelessly culled from Sagittarius Eye issue 18 (Feb 3305)

Bear bait: abandoned cargo in an area with law enforcement nearby just waiting to scan you.
Riding bareback: foregoing a shield in favour of more cargo space. Generally a bad idea.
Dog House: an outpost with a black market frequented by pirates and/or bounty hunters, used as their base.
Dragonfly: a ship with no power/thrusters/fuel. Dead in space.
Go-go juice: fuel scooping at a sun (often while stationary, shaking like crazy).
Icarus: taking hull damage while flying too close to a star: “I pulled an Icarus fuel scooping.”
Shot in the back: being scanned just as you’re entering the letterbox.
Supercruiser: one who brags about himself, or his big, fast, shiny ship.
Through the woods: going through unpopulated regions to reach your destination.
Too many eggs in the basket: cargo weight affecting your jump range.

Blat: to crash your ship into an asteroid and destroy it (the ship).
Claim: your preferred mining field, especially if you feel you found it first.
Claim jumping: when someone in a bigger ship comes to your ‘claim’ and you’re afraid they’re going to bleed it dry.
Creeper/Drifter: opportunist; someone who sneaks in to steal ore, especially chunks lost from ‘fly catching’ (see below).
Drift: the rotation of an asteroid. Slow ‘drifts’ are easier to mine.
Dufferdom: a complete failure as a miner.
Fly catching: chasing after ore fragments that have drifted away.
Hatter: a miner that works solo instead of with a team (mad as a hatter).
Rock hobbit: a classier and more civilised sort of ‘rock hermit’ who knows the meaning of comfort and isn’t afraid to have guests. Plenty of cakes in storage.
Roll up: assemble for a meeting. A group of miners might ‘roll up’ to decide how to deal with a pirating problem, for example.
Salting: telling someone a particular ‘claim’ is full of valuable metals, usually in an attempt to steer them away from a better claim. Some of the more elaborate and unscrupulous people will actually leave some high-quality metal there for a person to ‘find’.
Tommyknocker: a contact on the edge of your radar range, not coming close enough to resolve. Makes miners nervous.

Jonk: a contraction of ‘jump and honk’. To jump in and immediately out of systems; a means of travelling long interstellar distances quickly.
Buckyball: to travel as quickly as possible over long interstellar distances, often via ‘jonking’.
Badlands: a region of brown dwarfs, every explorer’s nightmare.
Bagged and tagged: describes a fully explored system, down to the last moon.
Banquet: a system containing far more interesting stars, planets and other objects than you expected.
B a s tar d: a T Tauri star, unscoopable but often resembling a main sequence star.
Bowman: an explorer (some female explorers prefer ‘Janeway’).
Bowman Boogie: reaching 2001c (often happens if a second star is really far away and you’re just that much of a completionist).
Bowman Blues: the low mood an explorer feels after having been in civilised space for some time.
Budget Bowman: an explorer in a Sidewinder or an Adder.
Closed gas station: a T Tauri star that looks scoopable at first.
Columbused: you thought you were first in an area, only to find someone else got there before you.
Comet: an explorer who gives up quickly and goes back to the Bubble. Exploring isn’t for everyone.
Costner system: a system containing multiple water worlds.
Countdown dementia: when you’ve become utterly sick of your onboard computer’s voice. Some explorers have smashed their speakers before realising the voice can be switched off.
Disco party: finding a large number of unidentified objects using the Discovery Scanner.
Flying brick: a Lakon Type-6, while a hauler by design, is easily converted into a tolerable long-range explorer with a great cockpit view. Also called a ‘flying pig’. See also ‘space cow’.

Gazed into the abyss: describes someone who has been out so long they’ve gone a bit nutty. Could be harmless or eccentric, could be dangerous. Also known as ‘space madness’.
Hydrogen headbutt: flying headlong into a star (usually due to inattention).
In a gadda da vida: a system containing two or more Earth-like planets.
Last homely house: the final station you see before you venture into unpopulated areas. It is traditional to stop and have a drink.
Lighthouse: a beacon or otherwise noteworthy system used in general interstellar navigation.
Longest mile: the return trip after an expedition. Usually, your ship is in poor shape and you’re worried you might not make it back at all.
Ratsignal: a call for help to the Fuel Rats, because you’re stranded in deep space without fuel. Use with extreme caution. It is considered very poor form to use this word in any context other than an emergency.
Ratted up: an exploration ship is Fuel Rat compliant, with at least a fuel limpet controller and a number of fuel limpets so that the pilot can assist in deep space rescue if called upon.
Record store: a system containing mostly ringed planets/orbital bodies.
Shiny Bowman: an explorer in an Imperial Clipper or other ship designed with comfort and luxury in mind.
Shotgun wedding: accidentally flying into a planet’s ring.
Space cow: as with ‘flying brick,’ but the Lakon Type-9.
Spare tire: an extra fuel tank added to your ship.
Topside: to fly ‘up’ (or ‘down’) in a system a long way, so you can turn and easily see all the elliptical orbits. Going ‘topside’ is one way to spot a black hole.
Turnwise: travelling with the Galactic rotation (clockwise on the Galaxy Map). Also known as ‘Spinward’.
Wedged in the inferno: jumping to a close binary star system and landing between close-orbiting stars. Dreaded by explorers. Also called ‘the crush’, or ‘this is fine’.
Widdershins: travelling against the Galactic rotation (counter-clockwise on the Galaxy Map). Also known as ‘tracking’.

Battle Buggie: SRV (used as a pejorative).
Blood Money: money lost in the pursuit of a target, typically in the form of fines.
Bloodsuckers: collectors of those fines.
Brother (or Sister): a fellow pirate. The Brotherhood or Sisterhood refers to an alliance of pirates.
Coreward: towards the heavily populated centre of human space, or towards the capital planet of one faction (e.g., Sol). Confusingly, explorers use this to refer to the Galactic Centre.
Ghosting: using ‘silent running’ to close in on an acquisition or otherwise tail them unseen

Jeremiah Weed: refers to top-shelf alcohol, regardless of its actual name (for example, Indi Bourbon). The preferred brand will vary from sector to sector. Often drunk to celebrate a big score.
Ninja: to steal a kill (and bounty) from someone else.
Pig in space: denotes poor flying skill.
Popcorn: used by owners of large ships such as Anacondas to describe being attacked by smaller, easily-destroyed ships like Sidewinders or Condors.
Rimward: leaving civilized space, out towards the galactic rim.
Sniff: to use any kind of scanner on a ship to determine if a target has a bounty, ascertain whether they carry illegal goods, track their wake signals, etc.
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