Newcomer / Intro Thargoid Hearts

I want to get a Thargoid bobblehead and I need a Thargoid heart. But I don't want to kill a Thargoid as I am one of those Thargoid lovers. I paid real money for a pro-Thargoid sticker so hell yeah I should be able to role play it. Anyway, is there any way to get a heart without killing a Goid? Wiki seems to suggest they can be found at crash sites but I have not found any and I feel like I am wasting my time. Any help?
Yep that is a big gripe regarding the bobblehead.
You could ask another CMDR to get a heart for you and don't ask questions but not sure if that fits your rp.
Anyways, the whole thargoid plotline is a bit railroaded into fighting them as only option.
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