Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

Started my delivery of 72 Meta Alloys to Interceptors in Hau Ku. HIP 12605 is a doomed system. NHSS are too few and distant appart. Station at 300k+ Ls.

I think i'm making new friends! :D
I delivered like 24t to Aganippe, simply because I already defended this system last week.

Personally I believe the non-incursed state is little more than a server hiccup caused by changes for the upcoming April update. We will see. :unsure:
Hau ku looks cleared of NHSS. I wonder if me feeding Goids and retrieving escape pods while they were distracted collecting MAs helped with anything...
Maybe some player group just did a good job melting scouts...
Going to Aganippe to deliver the rest of MAs in my haul.
Ouch - looks like 10 systems went into incursion (Mbutas and Hau Ku were saved), and 18 stations attacked. Seems the war is not going well ....

Fingers crossed for a Xeno 55 week :)
@cmdr Factabulous: your and your colleague's Thargoid target analysis at Canonn is great work!

Today, I put the question if we should not change tactics. Shouldn't we care primarily for infested systems to prevent them from becoming incursed as it happend today? There are 23 systems in incursion now - this we cannot win anymore. If a system is in incursion and has more than one port - why not giving in this system? Wouldn't this stagnate infestations and new incursions because the Thargs would stay in this system and attack "only" the next port next week. And maybe we should defend only systems with one star port and make systems with more large ports kind of a "Thard trap" where they can run riot but are tied there as well. Maybe we need these small systems with only one star port badly in a future not too far away...
Offcourse going for Infested should be prioritised! But the problem is infested dont work very well. NHSS are very sparse in some systems and there's no way to tell if we are achieving anything or not. Also, some players and player groups are not interested in wining any war. AXCZs are more fun, and faster for climbing rank, and you can see your progression in Galnet.
Other players prefer to boast long boring hydra kills, killing scouts is boring for them! A few want to have burning stations to climb their imp/fed rank.
Soo, weighting in all these facts, the few AX players left, prefer to do AXCZs, leaving infested systems to a chronic loss!

But dont worry, Ram Tah and AEGIS will save us!
This part of the gameplay needs a revision, also we need to have implemented in the game the really big ships for players (Carriers, battleships, etc), but in a balanced way, meaning, they are limited in were they can operate and how they can operate, for instance, pvp is out of the question for this ships, only as a defense measure, meaning, u cant take one of this for pvp but if a player fires on you them they become fair game, so that instead of having this defending systems and facing the thargoids we would see them go to conflit zones, haz res and the like after pvp...

As players in other ships to engage in this lore of the game, the thargoids, i for one, and this is as a space games fan for decades, and as a new player here, needs to have substancial rewards, and even missions and comunity goals that are really worth enganging to get the ppl to engage on this aspect of the game.

I did try to engage thargoids, its not easy for most part, and the rewards is marginal, and u need to have basically a dedicated ship to work, so its understendable that ppl stay away from this type of gaming.
That's within the 175 LY NHSS spawn zone from Merope. And hyperdictions happen within that zone and within the bubble near systems under attack (& possibly one's that have been attacked?).
Guys yesterday we had two commander from HALT attacking AX ships in OU GEMINORUM. We made then run out of the system but one of them came after we had gone and killed one commander ax shipe. Open your eyes and bring PVP ships to nearby stations. My squadron (ESCA) and some ships from allied squadrons (RONI, and FGEX) will provide assistence if needed.


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