Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

AX CZs don't complete?

On completing an AX CZ: I am observing that whenever I complete an AX CZ solo (=in Open, but alone), the bar fills up but then stays at 100% without ticking over.

In a Wing, it took ages for the bar to tick over and complete the zone (resulting in Hydra spawn and 2 mil bounty vouchers), but at least it did.

Did I miss something or is it a bug?

EDIT For clarity, scouts continue to spawn happily even after the bar is full.
I've had circumstances (twice now) where the bar fills up after waves of scouts have been killed and then another bar appears (with two bars present) and the show just continues. It's nice to get this when ranking up, because it's been all scouts ! Fortunately, I have equipped myself with lots of decontamination limpets.

(I was in Open)
Edit to above post, in fact, looking at a screen capture, the first CZ didn't even complete before another activated. I had fun in that one, cashing in over a million credits. I could have gone for longer if real life didn't intervene.

Hi folks. Last night I did some NHSS hunting at Aulin (Infested). Using FSS was finding just a couple of signals here and there. not bad, but not a lot of choice. However later I popped into the nav beacon and scanned it - founds lots of them. 6-8+ I think - several threat 5's, a couple of 6's and one 7. Maybe Nav Beacon scan is the trick?
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Targets this week :

Incursions (AX CZ)

(just check galnet 2nd post ;) )

Infestations (NHSS)

mbutas, domoth, ltt 617, aganippe, ross 1057 (NHSS confirmed)

brib (No NHSS)

Eagle Eye:

ee1 mbutas
ee2 domoth
ee3 ltt 617
ee4 brib
ee5 aganippe
ee6 ross 1057

Warning: Try and not be in the Infested / Incursion systems on Thargsday for the server restart - CMDRs have reported CtD issues otherwise.

  • Incursions are listed in the 2nd Galnet article and dynamically update through the week (they start at 'massive thargoid presence' and are beaten when we reach 'no thargoid presence'.
  • Thargoids first Infest a system (this has now been hidden), if the Infection is not fought then they begin an Incursion, and we lose stations until the incursion is repelled.
  • Incursed systems can be seen in the Galmap left panel. Sometimes the system also switches allegiance to the Thargoids (not always). It's worth checking a system is still Incursed before travel (in the 2nd Galnet post), as they change through the week. Sometimes the Galmap does not show the correct states, but systems targeted by Eagle Eye should still be targets. Unless that is broken ...
  • There is a galmap filter to help find Incursion systems
  • Incursion systems : fight in the AX CZ until they are no longer listed in Galnet :)
  • Thargoids can only attack space stations with 'L' landing pads, if a system has none of these then ot is a lower priority.
  • Infested Systems : are saved by kills in the target systems- each kill counts the same, so a Scout is as useful as an Interceptor. Bonds do not matter. They only update state once a day, just after the BGS tick.
  • You can also find NHSS all over the Pleiades - within about 165 Ly of Merope, but it won't help save any systems.
  • And you can get (bugged) missions from the Aegis megaships to kill Thargoids, but they also don't count to save systems unless the destination system for the mission is also a target this week.
  • Infested Targets are found by decoding the aegis Eagle Eye system
  • Decoding Eagle Eye is now simpler - use this decoder and type in the phonetic letters called out by the eagle eye unregistered comms beacons - this gives the target system
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I don’t know how it works in the background and if it’s related or not, but I’d wait for tomorrow’s bgs tick.
That experience, named operation Indi-Croft, Canon was working on Witou, one of last weeks infested systems, delivering guardian stuff to the station, did it produced any interesting results?
That experience, named operation Indi-Croft, Canon was working on Witou, one of last weeks infested systems, delivering guardian stuff to the station, did it produced any interesting results?
Failure, As was a minor delivery of guardian keys to Davis city in Devane.
Canonn have more details


<<<<currently clearing the NHSS in Ross 1057
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