Thank you Frontier!

Hello! This is my first time posting on the Planet Zoo forums.

I’d just like to say, thank you Frontier. I’ve been a massive fan of Zoo Tycoon 2 since my uncle got it for me as a birthday present when I was very young. He’s since passed, and looking back, it was probably my favourite gift I ever received.

I was obsessed with it ever since that first day I installed all three of those discs, and still play it every now and again to this day. My favourite thing to do was always trying my hardest to craft beautiful and natural exhibits within the limitations of the game. I even remember watching YouTube tutorials on how to create interesting enclosures when I was little!

Seeing all the gorgeous animals, flora and seemingly limitless enclosure design potential in Planet Zoo has me incredibly excited. I truly feel that after all the zoo builder games I’ve seen come and go over the years, that Planet Zoo could be the next Zoo Tycoon 2 for me. And for that I thank you. ♥

Can’t wait to see more content and check out the deluxe beta!! And I'll definitely be posting a wishlist of my favourite critters soon!
Hi inkogeki and massive welcome to our wonderful forums.

I can only second what you say. The love and care that Frontier put into their games is fantastic. I've been playing Planet Coaster for over 3 years now and it's pretty much the game I always wanted RCT3 to be. I was obsessed with RCT3 stuff and played religiously since it was launched. Frontier took what they learned making it and made Planet Coaster the true successor to it.
So I'm more than confident that Planet Zoo will blow you away.
I didn't think I was too bothered about a zoo game until I a few of us were shown it when we visited Frontier Studios last month. It's amazing. I can't wait to get started on it and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Frontier have given many of us years of fun and joy with their games, so I'll join you in saying Thank you Frontier. 😄👍
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