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Didn't find anything on this previously and, well, most people have an opinion here.

Personally, I've always been about coffee. Became a bit obsessed about it a few years back and haven't really turned back since. Been roasting my own beans for almost 9 years now and enjoy a fresh, manual drip every morning and usually an espresso or reheated cup for that afternoon pick-me-up.
March 2019 Getting on for six months ago. Which i understand is a lifetime for some here.

Read the last post, for my answer to this question
Extremely popular isn't better or worse than a coffee from anywhere else in the world. Made from the same beans, using the same methods, and same equipment. But it's magically worse in the US for some reason, right? :)
It is the water?
Personally, I think a post asking about your favorite coffee is quite different from a post asking about your preference towards coffee or tea. I mean, if you want to compare, obviously coffee is superior.
I prefer tea (and will only drink coffee if the 'tea' offered is undrinkable). The advantage behind drinking a hot drink during hot weather is that it raises your core temperature, so you have a lower temperature imbalance against the ambient temperature. Drinking a cold drink lowers your core temperature, increasing the imbalance, and causes you to sweat more.

When I drink tea it is in the way I prefer. For example, I LIKE Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar. When somebody says "That is not how you should drink Earl Grey tea" I respond that "That is how I prefer it, and as I am drinking it (and not you) I will drink it as I prefer it!!!"

I have found that if I have a sore throat Peppermint Tea helps to soothe it (if my throat is really rough a teaspoon of cough syrup in the tea helps even more; don't knock it until you try it under those circumstances!).
Watch out that Sean Bean, Stephen Frane (stage name Dynamo) and The Kaiser Chiefs don't pop round your place asking for Tea and royalties!
The issue I have with the Sean Bean ad is: He should not be telling everyone, when the fire drill is. It is a drill; therefore a surprise.

That is not doing things 'proper', is it?
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