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Swapping backgrounds messes up park map


Most of the time

Area of Game Affected

I have not found anyone discussing this issue I am having.
When swapping backgrounds on maps, the terrain right up against the park limit rises up as if someone held down the "pull" brush.

The terrain next to the park boundary is either much higher or lower than the rest of the park and because of this it is difficult to simply use the terrain tools to fix it.
All the attempts I made ended up with the terrain being very uneven.
Maybe I am mistaken about how swapping backgrounds works, but, as I mentioned above, I can't find anyone talking about it.

Here is a regular park, desert biome:

Here is the same park, background swapped for grassland:

And here are images of the terrain up close (both are different biomes):

Steps to Reproduce
1. Go to my park or create a new park
2. Next to "edit new scenario" click the little button to change the background of the starting environment
3. Change the environement to something different
4. When the park loads the terrain should be messed up
Update: 1.4.2

Tested this again on 1.4.2 and it is still happening.
My boyfriend also tried it and his does the same thing. [weird]
I thought people were excited for the swapping feature, so it's kind of weird to me that no one else is having problems with it.
wow that looks really bad, I cant believe this feature was not adequately tested and that nobody has noticed... In order to fix this they have to replace each biome to be the same height but it will never work with any older saves... not sure why they wouldnt have the park edges be all even

I wish it could be more like rct3, we had dozens of backgrounds in that game... also in rct3 it was possible to raise terrain even beyond the map borders because if you raised/lowered land near the edge of the map border, the terrain outside of the map border would automatically conform to match the nearby terrain, so that we didnt get those nasty sharp edges at the borders

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Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hey folks!

Thanks for raising this - I have passed this on to be looked into!
Can anyone confirm if they experience the terrain behaving like this outside of Scenario Editor?

It only seems to happen when swapping backgrounds, which, as far as I can tell, can only be done with the scenario editor.
I haven't had any problems outside of it.
I think it's because the skirts are at fixed heights and are one molded piece this cannot adjust themselves to new terrain heights when they are swapped in a scenario. That's why the cliffs and sharp edges. And the terrain inside the park will not adjust itself when a different skirt is applied.
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