Ships Krait "Surprise" hiden in Krait Phantom

Greetings, fellow CMDRs. So, that's my story:
I bought this Krait Phantom 03 april 3305, to fly across the galaxy to Beagle Point itself. And today, i just wanted to amke a one good camera shoot with stars, planets and everything, and SUDDENLY, i notice something very strange:

Those Faulkon DeLacy guys sold me defective ship!
Too bad their warranty lasts only until first undock... So, good advice: ALWAYS check you ship before buying it.

And now serious OOC part. I'm 99% sure, this hole in ship isn't cause my hull slightly damaged, and it's broken (a little, but still) model. Any chances Frontier could fix this in one of small updates?
I don't really want to loose air to outer space!
Anyway, fly safely o7

P.S. Wanted to originnaly post it to bug forum, but surprise: i lack some permissions to post there. Oh well...
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I thought my air unit was running more than it should have been.

Can't afford to get that caustic Thargoid goop inside the ship ! F DeL needs to fix this fast !
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