Ship Scale Problem

The 747 has a two man crew. 3 man was 20 years ago. In 20 years the aviation industry lost a third of its crew due to automation. What makes you think that in 1000 years we still should have crews of close to 20?
Go down that path and the odds are the only people on board will ever be passengers. Why do the ships even need a pilot?

Would like to a have a large, busy bridge for that Star Trek feel though.
Besides the ship size being accurate, has any noticed the STATION sizes.
Especially the windows texture.
Man those window ports look too small in relation to the ships.

I think it's really a mistake of many ships and facilities in games where they try to use windows to represent a sense of scale.
And many 3D modellers tend to just add lots of tiny windows to make an object look bigger than it actually is.

And when two improperly scaled objects are put side to side, it really looks off-putting.
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