Ship outfitting without boarding or hold cargo until undock

Sometimes I have some cargo I need to haul in different ship (due to ship size or combat ability etc) but to board that ship I need more cargo space. It's impossible even though I could easily add more cargo if I only could outfit the other ship.

Alternatively make it possible to "hold" cargo in the station but only until you actually undock. So you'd switch to the other ship regardless of cargo capacity and then you can do whatever you want but once you undock, all held cargo that can't fit into current ship is destroyed or sold automatically.
Or, they could give us actual cargo storage in stations.

I think it's an amazing oversight they haven't allowed us to have cargo storage in stations, they could use the module storage and shipping code just with cargo. same principles too where you can ship it to and fro for a cost.

And with that, I'd like to also see modules storable AS cargo, the reason for this is I want the gameplay of being able to blow up a ship and in the midst of salvaging, if I find say the FSD or power plant, a scanner, etc, I can scoop it up, take it back to the station, look at it's stats, and if it's worth something fix it up and repair it and put it into module storage for use on a ship, if not, i can break it down and salvage it for materials.

the second thing I'd like to be able to do is load the modules into cargo to take with me, for situations like, I want to carry an alternate load out for my ship, so I can get to the station, dump them into Mod storage and switch load outs. OR, I go shopping at a station and buy several mods of the same type, "Ooo that shield generator on sale, I will buy 3 of them, for my other ships." I can transport them as cargo back to my home base for use with my other ships.

get the idea?

We should have cargo storage just like we have module storage, we should also be able to load modules AS cargo, which opens up a convenience and new game play options
Yeah but I think this is going too far from current design which exists for some reason I guess. What I suggest is very easy to implement and solves huge issue that has no reason to exist.
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