Road to the Void - Commanders AzoreanOutkast diary - An Elite Dangerous story!

Hello to you all commanders!

Commander AzoreanOutkast, signing in here, with what will be a long last, enduring post, wich will act like a diary for my journeys in Elite Dangerous, not all of them will be about exploring, there will be some side notes and events, but im mainly a pilot interested in exploring the void.

So 1st off, for those who dont know me yet, and my place on Elite Dangerous, i leave you with a quick introduction to who i am:

So im a guy from a small community on Earth, The Azores Islands, part of Portugal, a country with a long standing tradition and history of discoveries, so it is in my blood to be a explorer, that like many boys in early age became interested in space and all that revolves around it, and has a young inexperient lad i embark on a Federal career, and rapidly climbed the ranks, serving from pilot to crew member in transport ships, assault ships, even on big ships until i retired from the service and was left stranded outside the solar system without anything to do.

As a former pilot i was offered a small, nimble, beat up ship to start my fortunes out in the bubble, wich i did, starting from last January, and boy oh boy... Did ive been busy in this time and went far and got alot of stuff in this short time.
Wasnt all good times, there were some, well, unforseen events that didnt went particularly well, but i did found my place among the stars, i know what i want and how to get it, so that is why i feel confident, that i can write this diary down and have something that is both interesting and catchy for u all to read and see.

Stay safe, fly safe, be always on the alert out there commanders, remember space is your friend, but it can be rutless if u dont pay attention!

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So commanders!...

Lets start with the basic, what i have now and why, and where is my "home" so to speak atm.

So i am based in Jameson Memorial, orbiting the Founders World, in Shinrarta Dezhra system, that is my "port of call" as one may say, from where i start my endevours in this galaxy of ours.

That is where i have my current 5 ships, all mediums, built for specific tasks, and cause of money constrains, im missing 3 more that i havent gotten yet but will eventually get there putting the time and effort.

Let me introduce the "fleet":

ASP Explorer "COEUS" my go to explorer ship

Python "HECATE" my passanger hauler

Krait Phantom "PLUTUS" my resource gathering ship

Krait MKII "HERMES" my grind ship for courier/data/cargo missions

Alliance Challenger "KRONOS" my PVE combat ship

All this ships are engenieered, most have A-Rated internals, and guardian boosters, even doe they are build to do a specific task they are somewhat multirole.
I still wanna do 3 more builds on top of this, a mining ship, a thargoid hunter and a cargo hauler, preferably with diferent ship types than the ones im using atm, preferably medium ships, even doe i wont leave out the big ones, especially for the cargo runs.
All the names are from Ancient Greek mythology from planet Earth, some are Gods names, others Titans.

this way of going about business comes from all the experience gained so far in my travels, and to make use of the ones i really enjoyed to fly.
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My current project is the Interstellar initiative that is going on, for that purpose i have crafted my Krait Phantom for the task, being that i´v been gathering resources, engenieering the ships and visiting the sites where its gonna be held.

The "Counduit" was my 1st stop, served to pick up the patch for the ship with the logo of this initiative that i slapped already on it, and also to gather some data from all the ships going out from it to use in the engenieers.

Interesting spot...

I also visited the surface of the planet where this is at, and gathered some resources, but there isnt that much there to find, other planets are a safer bet for that.

I am back on Jameson atm, where i will be taking the other ships out to gather other resources and work on engenieering them.
Also been working on my Ranks, i am ELITE in exploration, and am working on the combat Rank atm.
Now a little background on the stuff ive been doing, exploration wise, since January...

I started out as many, working my way up on ships, going after the Earth Like Worlds contained inside the bubble and mapping them to make credits, that worked well, and soon i was upgrading, and using bigger and better ships, like the DiamondBack Explorer.

The "DEFECTIVUS" served me well, despite having a small fuel scoop that kept it from really being a keeper, i did mapped after that some areas around the bubble too, never going too far, but getting some interesting data and seing some neat stuff.

The things u see on the surface of moons...

I even played catch up to a moon orbiting a planet so fast, that basically one had to crash almost into it, basically letting the moon catch us and not the opposite. Fun times!

I eventually got to go back at some point to the Solar System (got the permit) and visit Earth...
In this time i got me the Python and was all over the Robigo mines runs, and also CEOS to Sothis cargo runs.

Around this time i was always saying goodbye to some station, in somewhere... Since all those credits earned got me enough to buy the anaconda, since as a noob in space i went after the hype around this ship...

Space is such a strange, exotic and beautiful place.

Then the lore got hold of me and the call to do the road to SAGI A, was too much and i went...

I eventually got there and was face to face with the black hole, pondering on what to do next.
This is when after so much travel i started to realize how bad this ship can be when stripped down, and decided that i was gonna leave it for another as soon as possible.

Along the way, i saw so much, experienced so much, there was tedious moments, but some with big "WOWs", and i will never forget those, as i wont forget the big payday in credits from all i had discovered and mapped, the feeling of having something with your tag is... So good!

I eventually decided to head for Colonia, to have that done too.
When i got there i switched from the Anaconda to the Krait Phantom and made my way back to the bubble on that. (had had experience on that ship before and quite liked it, so was a no brainer)

One of the sweet moments in that trip was when i made ELITE in exploration...

After i returned to the bubble i continued to explore and mapp the area around it, using other ships like the T-10...
Yup i was all about experimentation, about testing all the ships i could, and see what made them tick, even using in tasks that probrably wasnt the best...
This one i loved the open cockpit, but man was it slow and cumbersome... But somehow it grows on u... Maybe later on, will be my cargo hauler... Armed cargo hauler that is, or Xeno hunter... Will see!

I have even dweeled on the thargoid problem and had several encounters with them... Lets just say that after some interdictions done to me from hyperspace, some encounters in some areas and alot of running from them when i was seing my ship being turned into scrap, i decided it was best not to mess with them!
Tip: never take Point Defense if u are gonna fly near thargoids...

Exploring with a Federal Corvette, where was my head?!...
But then again, if u dont try it... Was a nice time, ended up building her as a PVE ship, but quickly changed, since as dominant has she is on that part, its boring has hell to do that in her.

I finally settled on the ASPX as my go to ship for exploration and i love it!
Good cockpit view, nice jump, good modules capacity, just some "weird" and "bad" (Brakes)...

And that is my "background"...

I have gone to SAGI A and Colonia, explored some of the routes leading to this 2 sites and i have also extensively been exploring and mapping the area left and right of the bubble up to around 5K Ly out... Wich is what i am presently doing, and gonna putt on hold cause of the work on the ships im doing and the Interstellar initiative that is running.

There is alot out there that has my tag on it, and more will have soon, that is my call, the void calls for me, even doe i do this pit stops in the bubble to cutt the tedium from doing same thing over and over again with no results, cause when u are exploring, there is great moments, but you are in for the long haul, there will be alot of repetition, alot of boredom...
But even so, i cant resist the calling from it, i must be part of the void!

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As i am preparing to "breach the gap", i must say thank you!

Thank you to all the commanders that have putted the time to read my posts on galnet, and have stired me in the right path, the right builds, the right mind set to improve me as a commander in this unforgiving galaxy.

Even those who...
Mocked me! Criticised me... You guys, in all gave me some hard lessons, but good ones!

When i started out i falled victim to some really awful commanders, that really like to pick on the defendless, but others, even doe they pick on you, they in a sense help your learn the hardest lesson in here, that space is a harse place, and u cannot ever let your guard down, and if u are bested by someone, u should strive to learn to be better so next time the tables can be turned.

The wealth of information on this ever changing galaxy is amazing, and the best part about flying out here, even doe i love the silence of space is the ppl we meet and the friends u do, as i sit in the cockpit of my ship i smile, i smile at having seen so many commanders last night, i had runned into 2 so far since January, and now my hands are not enough to count them... :)

So it begins...

I headed out to the first station on the way, heading directly to the system set to be the arrival for the commanders that come in the ferry, making a few discoveries along the way.

Didnt took me long to reach the system...

After checking the megaship i headed to the outpost.

Got info on the prices for guardian stuff and saw what can we do on it.

Then it came the time to take the Plutus to the guardian site where i could get the key needed to get the blueprints from the second site.
this massive structure in space was a thing to behold...

And when it came alive with some laser fire in the right spots, was a nice show to see.
(beware u cant activate them with other guns, have to be a energy based gun)

After i got the key i found out when i entered the system with the guardian structure that pirates were there waiting to receive newcomers, wasnt even a issue i defeated the interdiction with not much effort, best luck next time bucko, seens your children will starve tonight... (if u have any that is, i dought it!)
But seens that this guys are all over any spot that might house interest to ppl, even out here in the void...

When i got there i realize how big this site actually is, and how interesting of a layout it has.
Another good thing about this site, so much flat space where u can park your ship!

After alot of running around in the SRV, alot of picking stuff up and finding the pilars to activate the site, running for the ship everytime those pesky sentinels appearead, i would take off everytime, targetting them and using the lasers on the ship to take them down, i finally resolved the puzzle after a while and got...

Got me the blueprints to a guardian figther!

A tip to deal with this sites and sentinels, as stated above...
Take on your ship point defense, and park the ship near the site so they can cover your SRV when the sentinels appear, at least their missiles wont bother u too much, then have some guns on the ship and run with the SRV to it, lift up and target the sentinels with the ship, alot easier to take them out this way and u dont risk the SRV, after u just land and repeat the process.

Also if u are stuck and cant figure where the pilars to activate are, fly up take a good look so u know the positions they might be and then head out with the SRV again.

This makes ones life much easier...
Just avoid bringing a big ship, u will be flying far to be able to land it, on surfaces and on the outposts, many dont have space for them near where u need to be...

Now im off to the outpost to sell the stuff and refit for the next phase of this iniciative when ppl start to arrive here.
I will take a look at the salvage spots that are rumored to be around here and have guardian tech...

Fly safe, have fun commanders! o7
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I had a blast yesterday doing part of the stuff that is required at the initiative, collecting guardian stuff from the surface in the guardian structures present in the planets, at least for the first 2 hours...

As i am atm in my cockpit i just go and think about what i acomplished yesterday and the friends i did because of it.
For someone that hadent interacted with other commanders in this game, apart from when i started out and was ganked hard by a pilot that wanted to pick on the little defenseless guy... This was a very rewarding enterprise.

As soon as i descended to the planet and into the ruins i found 3 other players already there doing the same thing as i was gonna do, and by the ships they were using, they were either unfortenate commanders that had to restart their carreers or fresh new pilots that embraced the void, since the ships were 1 cobra Mk3, 1 Type 6 and 1 Adder.
They were in a bit of a pickle since they were in their SRVs and there were sentinels everywere around them, probrably due to their inexperience they activated too many things at the same time and were in a bad spot.

So i decided i had to help them out, and i did, since my Krait Phantom is my resource gatherer but has a sting, i packed 4 pulse lasers on it, so i started to target those pesky sentinels as they fired on me (only time u can get a lock on) and blasted away, clearing the area after just a few minutes, the pilots readily said thanks and asked to be friends with me.

After this episode on one of my trips back down i saw another commander going around and doing the same as me, shooting the sentinels down, setting down on the planet and getting the parts with the SRV.

He even gave me cover and i gave him cover on some ocasions.

I then set down and went to work, picking stuff up and filling my hold, boy oh boy, been able to just add 2 things at a time to take to the ship and go back to pick more, is a pain!!!

Mind me for this run i stuck to the system where the outpost is, and did just that guardian structure in the surface, no other one in the systems around.

After several trips to the surface and back to the outpost to sell the goods and go get more, it became boring pretty quick with little to none to show for, i did enroll on the CG before turning stuff in to count for the rank of it, and was left in the 1st 50%... But i decided in due time it was time to do something else that would give me credits faster, since i still have some builds i wanna get done and the credits are not enough.

So i decided to head for the bubble and home again (Jameson Memorial), just a short haul 19 jumps.

So when i got back the way to make money that i picked was to go to Robigo Mines, with my Python and do passanger missions, last time i did it made a good amount fast with little effort to it.

Im currently heading there, on route, another 16 jumps haul with this ship...

Just now wondering if ill go for a especialized passenger ship and turn the python into my mining ship, one of the builds i still wanna do, since i hear other commanders say it is very good on that job... We will see, for now its passanger runs, i know that mining void opals gives alot more, but im not acostumed to mining yet, so i preffer to go for a sure thing that i know how to do before i embark in a new experience.

And ill be keeping an eye on the galactic initiative if i see something of interest i might just head there again pretty fast since im not far at all to do that, 15 or 20 jumps is nothing for someone that went to Colonia and Sagi A already. :)

Oh and PS... If some pirate decides to take a crack at me while doing this passenger missions, better thing again, this Python as a sting, all my ships do, its A-Rated where it matters and armed! Ke Ke Ke! :)

Stay safe, fly safe commanders! o7
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Well, havent been in touch or written down anything in the last days, since ive been busy.
But i have been busy ingame that is for sure!

So i was running passengers with my Python from Robigo Mines to Sothis (Sirius Atmospherics) and making a decent buck per trip, not as before, since my Python is not stripped down and filled all the way to the top with cabins, no, in this interaction of it, i decided to have it kinda multipurpose, but using as a passenger hauler, fitted 1st class and business class cabins only, wich gave me limited room to take ppl, but enabled me to hand pick the ppl i wanna to take from the most lucrative contrats, talking about anything from 5 million a trip (in this case 2 jumps there, 2 jumps back), all the way to 10 million a trip depending on the persons that i took.

I must say, that basically almost all ppl that wanted a ferry at Robigo Mines were wanted somewhere, so criminals for the most part, and willing to dish out the big credits for it, so i knew i could get into trouble, so i packed as with the other ships, the A-rated stuff, and also i was armed, so i could defend myself if needed, but since it was round trips, it was a case of high wake out if trouble arise...
I did had some interesting rides, i can tell u that!
In one instance, as soon as i dropped of supercruise and got into Sirius Atmospherics, i was immediatly greated with a message from the passenger aboard stating that ships were coming to kill him and i proceed to get close and scan the beacon so i could be on my merry way, not enough time, i was jumped by a Anaconda, with a Federal Gunship and a Krait MK2, that immediatly started firing on me, i kept on scanning the beacon as i dropped chaff and hit the reverse on my thrusters at full power and opened the gun ports and started to work on the MK2... As soon as the scan was made and the mission objective was done, i used the chaff again and thrusted foward at full speed avoiding the fire of the enemy ships and dealing some more blows to the Krait MK2 that at this time had lost its shields, and proceeded to stowe away my guns and jump out, i did, my shields hold out, my hull took no damage at all, and no modules got even damaged sligthly, the trip back was "interesting", cause i got interdicted several times, the most funny part of that was near Robigo Mines, i got interdicted over and over again 4 times in a row!!!
Evaded all but the last, it was a imperial viper doing it, so i said, what the heck and submited, as soon as i came out of supercruise, i just hit chaff, turned towards him, deployed guns and bumm no more bounty hunter, bye bye!

For my troubles i got the biggest pay of all the runs, around 14 million credits.

I then decided it was time to try something out that i didnt yet, and went back to Jameson Memorial and outfitted my Krait MK2 for mining...
Lets just say... It was a bust!
This all void opal mining stuff is boring as it can be, not that u dont pick up pretty quick how to do, but its boring doing it, and its ubber boring to run around and find... Nothing!!!

I eventually managed to find some, got me almost 2 hands full of them and i call it quites, i did make credits, i grant that, but mining for now isnt for me!
So back to Jameson after i made a stop to sell them at the best price i could find (they dropped from the numbers some ppl talked about just last week, supply and demand i guess working), and i outfitted the Krait MK2 for a new job, so now its my oficial bug hunter ship!

As u can see from the image, i changed the name of the Krait MK2, its equipped for bug hunting (thargoids), fitted 4 AX multicannons, 1 big Flak gun, xeno scanner and shutdown field protection, and got me all the best A-Rated stuff i could get, shields to max as also the hull, so ill take this one out for sure sometime soon after i educate myself to the ins and outs of fighting thargoids.

With this a slot opened up for a specialised ship for my grind missions (courier, data, etc)

And yes! The ship i picked for the job was the old reliable Federal Dropship, i did alot of Sothis to Ceos runs in it for the Federal Rank to get the Corvette unlocked and i really enjoyed it in that role, so here it is, my ship for that.
When i want to diverse my gameplay in this universe, or if i decide to finally start in the Imperial grind, its gonna come out, wich, is kinda, funny, to use a Federal ship to grind another powers rank... Ke Ke Ke!

I had time yesterday to go out and investigate a few systems that were atacked by the thargoids in search of clues that relate to the "lore" of Raxxla, with my ASPX, was fun, made some nice credits from mapping systems i hadnt gone yet to inside the bubble, so wasnt a complete waste of time, since i made credits and got another area mapped, and knowledge is a good thing.
I joined a group that is searching for stuff related to that Lore so ill be doing this "investigations" once in a while for sure.

To close the evening, i took the Kronos out, for some fun out in the RES zones, on route i found this:

There was some ships around, some wanted, and some of the wanted, surprise, surprise were Dark Wheel ships!
So i did away with 2 of the group that i encounter (yes they were in a wing of 3), and then i just went and followed the last one threw 2 jumps that it made, he would jump i would follow, he led me surprisingly back to Jameson Memorial, where he went for the station and i thought of i let him land and wait till he comes out and try to follow him, but he turned at the last minute, head to Founders World and vanished?!!
yup that ship totally went around the planet and vanished, didnt jumped out, there was no high wake to scan, it simply "dissapeared"... Oh well, another mystery or a bug?
Will See... Maybe later on will make some passes around the founders world in supercruise assist mode (orbiting) to see if i pick anything up, but i dought it.

So i am currently at a nearby system to my home base making life miserable to some unlucky ppl in a RES zone and turned him for the night, will pick up were i left off tomorrow.

Fly safe commanders! o7
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