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We need a way to quickly bookmark scanned planets from the FSS screen, its quite along process doing so without a feature like this. Adding a feature like this will allow players to mark planets that have high geo or bio locations and not have to look in the FSS to find the locations information on how many sites it has, etc. Thoughts everyone ?
Sounds like you enjoy juggling bookmarks far more that I do. A better solution (for me) would be to put the data from the FSS into the system map (preferably not in the side panel, but actually on the map).
@Factabulous its so you can continue scanning in the Full spectrum scanner without having to leave the Full spectrum scanner to bookmark the targeted object or currently scanned object in the Full spectrum scanner view. Then after you have finished scanning all bodies, go back to the system map or navigation panel and look at the bookmarked items.
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Thinking it over, something like a temporary marker would be even better. You use the FSS, you put the marker on things you find interesting. The marker stays in the system till you jump out of the system and is deleted during the jump.

Thus you could quickly, while scanning, put markers on everything which you find interesting enough to take a closer look at, but won't clutter your bookmark list in the long run.
Surely a better solution is to mark stuff on the system map? So planets with Bio signals get a Blue Marker, With Geo get a Red Marker, Guardian Green etc etc . And detail the numbers of poi on the left panel as happens after a DSS at the moment. Then you can see at a glance where things are and decide which to visit. And they can be persistent, so you can leave the system and when you return they are still there.

You'll still have the current 'mark this' option for anything really interesting.

The idea of temporary markers, even if they automagically disappear on system exit seems really clunky - and as soon as you add it there would be clamour for 'can I use different colours, and name them', adding the functionality properly into the system map just seems far more elegant and useful to me 🤷‍♀️
Nice to see Fdev have added location information to the bottom of the system map, great start. Thank you
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