Roller Coasters Qadira - Multi Launch Coaster

Update 1

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers!

Time for a new project!

For a long time I wanted to try to make an as dense as possible environment and theme all around that. Well I've been able to make a coaster which is very dense so now comes the challenge of theming it.

Meet Qadira in it's first episode where we'll start theming the brakes, transfer and storage area of the dual launch coaster;

Update 2

Hello Fellow Planet Coaster Lovers!

Welcome back to another update of Qadira.

In this episode we'll be building the grand station which is connected to the building that we build last time. It took me the whole episode to build but I think it's worth it:

Looks great, hope it will be on steam soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, it will be on steam once it is completed ;)


Update 3

Hello fellow Planet Coaster lovers and welcome back to another episode of Qadira

So we've got the station building covered but what happens after that. Well this coaster doesn't give you time to breathe as soon as you leave the station and fall down over an waterfall. In this episode we'll start constructing that part of the coaster , cover up some pathing and build a tower.

Update 4

Welcome back fellow Planet Coaster Lovers!

This week we'll be starting of at the back of the station by theming the exit and the pit that you can see from there. The track drops down at this point and gets you to the second launch which we'll also be theming. And to top it off we got some big supports in position, I did those off-cam since the recording was too messy.

Update 5

Hello Fellow Planet Coaster Lovers!

Welcome back to another episode of Qadira. It's been a while since the last episode because of the release of Society Park but now we're finally back at our multi-launch death trap. This time we're at the front of the station and start theming the queue. We'll also be creating an alley for the coaster where riders will pass about 4 times.

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