PlanetZoo ASSETS as PlanCo DLC?

Just been thinking about PlanetZoo and some of the new assets that are coming to the game.. And then thought about some of the statements made by the Devs around PlanCo and PlanZoo existing in the same universe, do you think that there will be a PlanetZoo assets DLC made available for PlanCo?

So, if a new brand, shop, facility, building pieces etc are made available in PlanZoo, do you think there will be a DLC that also makes these available in PlanCo too? I know it has already been said that we will not get a plug-in that has animals, features etc in PlanCo because of the game code, but what about the assets? Surely these would be available to other businesses within the same universe? Could be another way that they can use PlanCo to make more money from PlanZoo?
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