Planet Coaster For PS5

The Playstation 5 and next XBox (Scarlett) are based on semi-custom SOC Chips with an 8 core CPU Part based on ZEN 2 Architecture and a NAVI based graphics part. The Graphics Part will be a hybrid between the recently released Radeon RX5700 and 5700XT GPUs and the upcoming RDNA2 architecture which will introduce DXR compatible Ray Tracing on Radeon GPUs. It is true, that these Custom SOCs might be able to bring similar Performance like High End PCs from today... But what do you consider High End?

If we are talking about real High End on PCs, we are talking about HEDT Platforms (AMD Threadripper/Intel X299 Platforms)... If "Mainstream Highend", then we're talking about something like a AMD Ryzen 7 3900X/Intel 9900K/the upcoming Intel 10 core.

To be honest, the clock speeds of the Console Platform will be set to the sweetspot of the chip, to keep efficiency high and to have a easy cooling system. Based on what Ryzen 3000 and the first NAVI Chips are able to show in the PC Space, I can realistically see performance in the area of a Ryzen 7 3700X + AMD RX5700 (nonXT) on the consoles. CPU will have the advantage of a heterogenous Platform. I bet the CPU again shares one GDDDR6 memory pool with the GPU to get the best possible bandwith for every part of the SOC.

This leads to a suitable performance but if you consider this "High End" (3700X + 5700 is comparable to Intel 8700K/9700K + NVidia RTX2060 Super). Sure, the consoles will also benefit from software optimisations. Software optimisation is one of the biggest reasons the PS4 and XBX can somewhat keep up until today. On the other hand, do you know what chips you might get in your PC when the Consoles are coming late 2020? Even Zen 3 will be released until then and RDNA2 GPUs with the "BigChips" (rumored RX5800/5900) will also be available. Not to say what NVidia might be able to launch until then, we will see. But to say a Console has High End PC capabilities is just marketing and when discussed strictly technically, not really true. And there is the next problem:

lets leave the gameplay difficulties, I also agree to at the side and focus on software port: Thats the problem, a simple Port will work worse. They would have to recode and optimise large parts of the base code and engine for the Console Version to get it to run at least almost as good as on higher end PCs. You can not compare the Platforms, even if they are all based on X86 Hardware since PS4 and XBone, the Platform behaviour and optimisation for it is a whole different story as it is for PC. Even different APIs when it comes to the PS (XBox uses DX12 exclusively but sony a proprietary in house API!). Its not just hit a button in a compiler and you'll get your Console edition. It would rather be a nearly complete recode and optimisation for the consoles. This will not happen. Peaople should learn and try to understand, that things are not that simple when it comes to comparisons between the capabilities of PCs and Consoles, even when the hardware inside might seem "similar" at the first glance. Theres much more to it.

For Workshop and Controls, I basically agree with what was already posted, so I don't repeat this again. ;) Just a quick thing to think about: Do you think the audience for a Game like PlanCo (Creative detailing down to the tiniest objects) will be large? To be honest, I don't think so. The Consoles target another type of Gaming Audience, I don't think this would sell like on PC, where the audience for such Games is "at home" on PCs since the early days. Think of all the other Series like Anno, The Settlers, Age of Empires, Empire Earth etc. which never came to consoles. There is a reason!


I love Playstation and will be getting a PS5, but the highest end gaming PC can be anything with different components bringing different things to the table, and any combination of those components will most certainly be better than a PS5. Consoles are meant to be budget systems that are built to simply run the games at an acceptable rate. A high end gaming PC will always be better than that.

Also PlanCo isn't the sort of game I think works on a console with a controller.
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