Oh well...I guess I'm totally finished with this game then.

The only engineer I found a real pain to unlock is the one who you have to mine 500t of whatever it was. Mining is so boring to me. I’d rather shove angry wasps up my backside than mine.
50 t of Bromellite for Bill Turner ? It's fairly easy, if time consuming. But I can imagine it would be a serious pain if mining is not your thing.
So I play on PS4. Tried to jump on tonight after a few months away. Save data is totally corrupt. I tried backed up data. Still crashing. So, as a test, i delete the save from my system (backup data still online) and launch a new game. Works fine so defo corrupt save file. Download the original save file and try launching again.....sidewinder and 1,000 credits. Somehow it copied over the online save AND system save (even though i switched off auto uploading specifically to avoid this).

I can't unlock all those engineers again. So I'm out. I'd offer you to haz my stuff...but I lost it all.
damn that's hard.. I always back my stuff up to flash drive.. hope you get it back soon. I remember back int day when I played Granturismo.. I completed game, got all Gold, Every car, unlocked everything.. relied upon the server to keep my saves.. then boom came back on after a few weeks away and something had corrupted.. lost the lot.. it was the most gutted feeling ever..
Yes, which is why Support should be able to restore OP's account. He's said so many negative things about the game in this forum. I hope he returns to report the result and thanks them for their efforts.
Of course. If this genuinely happened, OP really cares and wants to continue with this game and he truly did contact support, they should absolutely restore it. The alternative is that anyone could randomly lose all their stuff. Of course, I do find it odd that someone who spends most of his time starting polemics and fueling internet flames happens to be the one to enouncter this possible, and if so truly extraordinarily rare, bug. That he then starts a topic instead of just contacting support and dealing with them does not surprise me though, no matter what happened.
You don't need that much money, or all the engineers unlocked, [...]
And you don't need to play the game in the first place. You made a non-argument. Of course you probably don't need to have everything unlocked and a gazillion credits, but the doesn't justify bad game design. Besides that unlocking whatever and credits are the only ways of progression provided by the game itself.
You utterly fail to comprehend that there are people who see the game differently to you, who care about their time invested, and you even try to make out that their opinions are in some way crazy (becuase hey, it's easy to get an Anaconda in 3 hours, right), when it's your position that is completely insane.
Oh come on now - I never said any of those things and I even tried to make it clear that I realise it is only my view. And I even said that I realise everybody plays their own way. Totally unreasonable accusations my friend. I take issue only with unjustifiable assumptions, and then I did a little soapboxing on the term "progress". I realise that you got triggered but that's your own doing - as I see that you realise. And I do not think it would be a fine challenge to lose all one's stuff and I never said so, nor do I believe I implied that. You are seriously misreading me. I've lost stuff. Not everything, it's true. But I've lost big stuff through the gods of randomness. And I was pi....ed - for 5 minutes. But I remembered why I play and was back at it in short order. I didn't toss my toys and quit the game - and then go online to tell everybody about it.
My point was your implication that it is in some way abnormal or amoral ("I don't understand this attitude...") for someone to be upset about losing their accumulated game wealth and possessions, such that they felt it was a valid forum topic. Then you cite things like "it only takes a few hours to get an anaconda", and that was when I got triggered. I don't even have an anaconda, after 4 years in the game, not because I can't afford one, because I don't need it, it's a niche to irrelevant combat ship and I'm in this game for 1 thing primarily, the combat. Citing that as justification for your point of view was incendiary to people like me with so much more than 'obtaining an anaconda' invested in the game. I hope you see where I'm coming from. We've both had our says anyway, fair play and good day to you sir. o7
I hope you don't get your stuff back.....just because i can and because I'm evil....and don't even try to discriminate me cause i will report this to moderator of this lovely forum.
Reason #29 why I don’t console game...

But yeah, support is great. Had to call on them myself once or twice. Longest I had to wait was a weekend.
I hope you don't get your stuff back.....just because i can and because I'm evil....and don't even try to discriminate me cause i will report this to moderator of this lovely forum.
Consider yourself discriminated... though from a misanthrope like me, that doesn’t really carry much weight.
See - this is the sort of attitude I don't understand. There is no progress as such in this game. It's a sim - sort of - like flight sims and such. The object is just to enjoy the experience.
I play flight sims and racing sims. In those games there's nothing to grind or unlock. You buy new planes or cars and the fun is just to race or to fly combat missions.

Elite is not like that at all. It's more like an MMO with crafting where you grind for credits and farm for rare loot.

I prefer sims. I wish we could get rid of all the farming and grinding and just "enjoy the experience."
Apparently Microsoft Flight Simualtor is being released on XBox next year, and will be available on Game Pass! W
w00t! I used to play that on PC - until I became a console kind of guy.
The same thing reading the OP does. Poor fellow’s playing on a PS4 where there just aren’t options.
What options do you have that we don't? I can back up and restore my locally saved data, just like you, but my CMDR data is stored on Frontier's servers. Surely yours is as well. If his CMDR data is gone, I fail to see how a PC would give any advantage over a console in getting that data back.
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