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Show a connection between any such fires in Europe.
No one knows if there are any, and we should be careful to say there are any, however the last 2 years there has been a trend, we don't know if this is done by crazy people, or if it's coordinated, so that is why I would like to see more data before i jump to any conclusion.
Beyond being a group of buildings with a documented tendency for inadequate electrics dating from the first half of last century into which they've tried to wire high end sound systems and other equipment.
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No one knows if there are any, and we should be careful to say there are any, however the last 2 years there has been a trend, we don't know if this is done by crazy people, or if it's coordinated, so that is why I would like to see more data before i jump to any conclusion.
Can you even show a rise in numbers compared with previous years?
There has been a sudden rise in church fires in france the last month from what i hear. The fires in uk, one was a BBQ and another has somebody arrested on arson charges and the sri lanka attacks used al qaeda tactics and bomb making techniques according to the news.
only the facebook groups i read. Asking google turns up various links, such as or

Im aware they arnt specifically about fires tho but they do mention one or two. Basicly churches in france are constantly under attack. Its pretty much impossible to search for anything with the word fire in it now.
So if we take the figures at face value of 47 per month, up 25% from previous year indicates a rise of ~9 per month.
The Church seems to indicate feminists and anarchists as being particular culprits (I'm not going to credit the second source due to the obvious bias) in a period of increased social unrest (France doesn't really have a period without unrest).
Might be worth finding out if French feminists have a particular grievance, I wouldn't expect anything coherent from anarchists.
Well if you choose you edit out the bits you dont want to hear thats up to you. We are all well aware that the MSM likes to cover up when crimes are comitted by certain perpatrators. I dont think much has been done by feminists tbh.
Mr Ibrahim actually states that his accusations aren't backed by any other source, indeed he is directly contradicting the Church's own statements as such it has to be dismissed as tin-foil territory.
The previous feminist campaign vs. the Catholics largely revolved around exposing their with anti-homophobic statements written across them.
Vandalising churches without making a clear statement seems somewhat out of character and I can't find a particular motive for such a campaign in the French press.
Maybe it is anarchists...
Im not going to go into too much detail but asking google "are feminists attacking churches" as far as i could tell the first page of results were all in south america save one in spain or just general articles. I mean i didnt actually read them all so i may be wrong.
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Helps if you identify France in the search, but it mostly refers to the previous Pope.
The fact that the attacks lack slogans or anything to id a group seems significant as Feminists, Islamists and the Far Right all tend to make it clear who did it and why.
Very true, statistical anomalies could easily be an explanation, I can't really perform a standard deviation analysis without a larger data set.
It doesn't help that the Church is exaggerating the rate, claiming 2 attacks per day, though the actual rate is 1.7 it does cast doubt on the 25% claim.
It could be this group or it could be that group but its probably being done by muslims in revenge for whatever, christchurch, french troops, burqa ban, whatever. How much misbehavior does one group have to do before it becomes fair to suspect them? Islam has form for destroying cultural heritage across europe. Google has any number of examples of minor fire setting and vandalism.Uk has just had 30 or 40 years of organised child abuse that was covered up because it would have been racist to say it was muslims doing it. We call them asian sex gangs altho i have never seen a chinaman invoved so far. Everybody knows that countrys all over europe have serious crime problems with the same group of people. I mean they just blew up sri lanka but vandalism in france might have been done by the far right? If people choose to be willfully blind about this kind of thing its just going to continue. Europe seems to have some kind of collective insanity going on where they just cant admit to themselfs whats happening.

One example, google will give you pages and pages and pages of them.

Now i know you might say "only the radicals" but the average muslim who might not do such things wont condemn it either. The hard unpleasant facts.
They also fall over themselves to claim responsibility for attacks.
Previous attacks by islamists have included graffiti and other blatant statements announcing their identity.
February's attacks are anonymous, (not counting DNA in the excrement used in at least one attack) this is what you would expect of random nut jobs, not a group with an agenda.
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Considering the state of france right now i dont believe it would be reported as such even if they knew or suspected. But yes, it might have been random nutjobs.
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