Newcomer / Intro No longer have System permit for Alioth

I had the System Permit for Alioth as I could access the enineer. Just gone to plan a route to engineer my rail guns and the permit is no longer there.
Any one know why this could happen?
That's weird. You shouldn't lose your permits once you've obtained them.
Even if you go hostile with the faction that gave them to you.
Have you tried actually going there? Maybe it's gone from the list by some bug (or you simply forgot to scroll down on the permits page?)
I don't understand it then, because I know I definitely had the System Pass.
I have scrolled down the list, it will not let me plot into the system. I remember having it, because I have been there
I have no idea at what i should "turn off and on"
I give up on it.
Only wanted to unlock Bill Turner as I have had the invite for some time now. Then move up to engineer some multi cannons.
What's your current relationship with the Alioth Independents? If you aren;t currently Allied, and you don;t recall diong things to hurt the AI after you got the permit, then it's highly likely you never got his permit.

Perhaps you're thinking of Sirius?

Do missions / dump exploration data at AI-owned starports to level up, and see if it offers you the permit then.
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