New restriction (Roughness/smoothness and normal mismatch)

It appears that a new restriction has been added to the Toolkit. Your roughness/smoothness textures now need to have the same size as your normal map.

  • Normal texture and smoothness/roughness texture need to be of the same size [Normals and Smoothness maps mismatched] "Normal texture and smoothness\/roughness texture need to be of the same size :"
I'm personally not a fan of this change, all the objects in my water slide set so far used a 512x512 normal map and a 256x256 roughness map since I needed more detail for one then the other and didn't wanted to waste space.

I was mainly wondering what the reasoning behind this change is seeing has it has been working perfectly fine without it before.
Ahhh, no :( I totally agree, it's much better if the sizes don't need to match! Sometimes a roughness is all one solid color, or a flexicolor covers the whole object, and so a tiny little file is perfectly sufficient for that.

I wonder if this was changed because of the bug I reported. :/ I couldn't get flexicolor and specular to play nice together, and my flexicolor file was smaller than my BC and SP maps. So maybe the size discrepancy causes problems we don't know about...
Hm maybe, I have not been able to get the specular workflow to work with flexicolor myself yet so maybe that was the reason. Though for the roughness and smoothness workflow it was working perfectly fine :-/
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