Newcomer / Intro My ship is in storage at a port, but it is listed as wanted in this Juristiction

My ship is in storage at a port, but it is listed as 'wanted in this Juristiction'. I can not pay the bounty at that port, no option comes up. The ship indicates I have 2 global bounties but it does not say from who.

How do I spring it free?

Thanks in advance,
Bounties and fines are attached to the ship, if you aren't in that ship you can't pay them off.

I think if you try to switch into that ship you have to pay the bounties as a fee for swapping but I am not sure about that.

If you aren't in the ship with a bounty attached I believe you can do everything you want in the game as if you were innocent, so you could possibly just leave the ship in storage.
Hmm, so I guess I'll have to transfer it to another station, fly back and pay my bounty. (it is my base of opps) TY for the reply
You can pay off your bounties even if you don't know where they are from, by going to an Interstellar Factor. These are found in most low security systems.

You DO have to be in the ship that has the bounty on it, though. Just get in it, and fly to an IF nearby.
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