"My Saved Blueprints" menu needs a patch to add sorting.



Area of Game Affected

Not a bug as such, more of a quality of life issue, so please pass this to the Development Team...

"My Saved Blueprints" becomes unmanageable once you have a hundred or more different blueprint files. If you want to update an existing blueprint it can take ages to locate the correct file. There is no process to sort the files into an A-Z order, or list by type, so finding a particular blueprint becomes a real headache.

I know it's not exactly a game changer, but if your Developers wanted to give us a "quality of life" patch, then some kind of sorting method, or search engine within the "My Saved Blueprints" folder, would be a great help...

The in-game scenery and building menus have a great search engine, so why not migrate this feature to "My Saved Blueprints"?

BTW: Loving the game! I was a huge fan of RCT3, so I knew Frontier would bring us a great new coaster game. Thanks!

Steps to Reproduce
Easy, just open the "My Saved Blueprints" folder and rather than saving a new blueprint, try to update a previously saved one...
I agree!

Making a change to an existing blueprint then try to replace (the original) is impossible now I have so many blueprints! There is no way sort them.

It would be good if I could create my own folders for blueprints (so I could have a spooky folder, an adventure folder and then within these have coasters, buildings, shops etc), would make life so much easier!
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