Newcomer / Intro Mission spawn rules.

I find myself in Cubeo right now ( Aisling Duval's factiion home ) to grind imperial and faction reputation.

Well, there are very very very few assassination missions available, being them pirate lords, deserters, politicians. I used to wander engineer's homes in the bubble mostly and this kind of missions where always abundant.

So a question came to mind.

What condition triggers the presence of missions ?

It looks to me that the economy of the system you are in triggers mining, passenger and cargo hauling missions.

But what about assassination missions ?

Thanks :)
Mission types available depend on system state, not economy type, AFAIK.
I won't be able to tell you which state is best for assassination missions from top of my head (probably something like civil unrest or something), but one thing I would advise is to try a quieter system tha Cubeo. There's a lot of traffic in these systems and the markets and mission boards fluctuate like crazy thanks to that.
In my home system generation of assassination missions does not depend on system state or faction state. They are nearly always available. If not, they re-appear within half an hour or so The assassinations are always aimed at the same two anarchistic factions in neighbouring systems (they really hate me by now).
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