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[3.3.05 - Horizons] "Locate Contact" assassination missions broken

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Mission targets not appearing as mission targets
I’m posting this here because, apparently, I have "insufficient privileges" to post in the xbox bugs forum since this new system went online.

Arrive in designated target system. Honk. FSS the mission target location. Go to it. Drop in. Vessel with target name is there but not designated as mission target, only as wanted. Kill target. Receive bounty associated with wanted status but no update on mission success. You can kill the same target over and over until mission timer expires and mission is failed. Great for making money, I suppose, but mission gameplay is broken. This affects your status with mission giver.

This is an ongoing issue that is ALWAYS associated with an assassination mission where a "locate contact" step has failed to occur.

I ALWAYS reset the cache. Multiple times. Sometimes it fixes the issue, sometimes it doesn't, so the relationship seems questionable. When the issue gets fixed the missions in question ALWAYS have a locate contact step that had been previously skipped when stuck in the loop. When "fixed" these locate contact steps pop up and you can go through the (wonderfully engaging) additional steps to finish the mission

Again: the bug is ALWAYS associated with a "locate contact" assassination mission, where the intermediate step failed to occur. I’m not a coder, but this seems like it’s probably a pretty straightforward if/then failure. But who Knows? Maybe it’s Unfixable?