Let's see your DW2 photography!

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Still trying to play catch up with the fleet. Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted along the way....

On the way here, I had high hopes of catching an eclipse, but the timing didn't turn out right. You can barely see the ringed ammonia world in the upper left corner.

Krait Caesar's Ghost silhouetted against the stars.
Still getting distracted while trying to play catch up with the main fleet:

That feeling you get when you line up for a selfie, realize that you're in VR so it'll look bad. Go into 2D mode, reline up for the selfie and then, after ending your session, you go into your screenshots folder and realize that it didn't take. :(

That feeling you get when you realize that this was at the end of your session, so you can go back and take it again. :D

This is one of those systems that looks like it'll be fun to explore via parallax. You can clearly see the planets around the two stars in the lower left corner.
The Eye of G'Kar (and why not)! Eok Byoe JT-K c11-2004 3 with Complex Crater.
Earth masses: 4.0485 Radius: 9,086 km Gravity: 1.99 G.
The crater is massive with a large and steep central peak uplift. As the gravity is high you will start to slip down the side of the uplift and fall and get stuck.

G'Kar quote: "We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, the best of us is washed away."

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