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Alrighty then, I am in solo, in a DBX, currently have 1lg pulse/2 MC for weaps. I am trying to get the weapons stuff figured out...I read here that MC are crap against shields so I should mix lasers and MC. And I see on the you tubes someone in a vulture (for example), using 2 large MC (non engineered), wreaking his enemies. So if I put a large MC on (to drop power usage and be able to put more pips into sys), it would be worse that having a laser? Or would 3 MC be fine? I am not bothered by the reloading time (only about 2-3 sec), in which the extra pips into sys should compensate for that, and maybe moving once in a while, nor running out of ammo, as I don't usually get into prolonged fights and I am running around planets trying to get mats for ammo. I am not quite ready to start experimenting with other weapons just yet.

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Generally speaking, you want your hull-stripping weapons on the larger hardpoints as medium MCs can suffer against tougher hulls and AP doesn't matter against shields. The DBX is an odd choice for a combat ship though - not that it's unviable, just about any ship is viable in PvE with the right loadout.

3 multicannons is fine though. An all-multicannon loadout is cool and good. Even without rolling G5 stuff, basic G1 mods with experimentals will cost you a pittance in materials and get you a huge boost in effectiveness. Shove corrosive (or autoloader if reloads going out of sync annoys you) on the large and incendiary on the mediums and you're gucci.
It's an ongoing discussion, which isn't made easier when you can engineer either type of weapon to show the characteristics of the other type.

Basically yes, energy type weapons work better against shields and kinetic type weapons work better against hulls (and explosive weapons work best against external modules)
that doesn't mean that a mixed loadout will work any better than a straight loadout - especially not if you first use your lasers only against the shields and then your multicannon only against the hull.

Regarding your ship - the kinetics in general receive a debuff against larger hulls, i.e. it's generally a better idea to use kinetics in your larger hardpoints. But unless you go PvP or venture into Combat Zones (war zones), just use whatever you like best at the time. Each weapon has their own advantages and disadvantages. Just give all of them a try (and when you have unlocked the engineers, do it all over again, then unlock the Guardian modules and repeat).
It's all about balance, but don't make the mistake of only firing lasers at shields, and MC at the hull. Unload the lot all the time (unless ammo becomes an issue)

As above, you want MC on your larger hp to maximise hull damage.

As a basic principle, if your PD is always running out, have less hungry lasers, or less total lasers. If it's often full, upgrade to burst or beam. If your PD always is recharging, but always has some energy remaining, you have the balance just right. Getting the maximum amount of all your resources applied to the enemy is what you want to achieve.
I did a bit of mucking about with a DBX a few weeks ago - I stuck a MC on the large mount and two beams on the medium ones (all gimballed, MC G5 overcharge with autoloader, beams G3 efficient with flow control - G5 CE mod on the PD meant I had loads of time on the fire button at only two and a half pips to weapons) - it turned out to be quite amazingly effective against NPCs. (Now I know why Sirius Security likes to use them. ;) )

So now all my accounts have DBXs with the above weaponry for general mucking about, materials gathering and some missions - I can't fight for toffee but there is a now trail of low-level NPC wreckage through the turn-wise bubble. 🕹
I only ever use energy weapons (since I don't PvP), works fine. Except when you're flying an Eagle, then it gets hard to kill anything hullier than a Viper 3.
Without engineering, with four pips to WEP and the best distributor you can buy, three beams on a DBX will run your distro dry in about four seconds flat. Three if you use gimbals.
If you want to fight, get yourself a proper combat ship like a Vulture. A Vulture with two ordinary pulse lasers will win more fights than a DBX with engineered weapons. The Vulture's agility is a massive advantage.
Also, corrosive effect on any MC is applied to all weapons. Therefore, its fine to have it on one of the small mounts.

If you're going all MC, I'd put incendiary on one of the larger mounts.
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