Kinda wish we had that option to go faster in super cruse

I am of the opinion that we should be technologically proficient enough to do in-system jumps, maybe require us to make some type of calculation, but should be possible. I accepted a data run mission recently that was giving away a material I was short of without looking at the destination. It was only paying 84k, but if you accepted the material portion, it dropped that down to 34k plus the mat, forget what the material was, but it wasn't all that important. I get to the system and the station is 1.6 million LS away...well, I wasn't gonna travel all that way for crumbs, so I abandoned the mission and went on my way and made a mental note to check the destination before accepting any missions in the future. I guess that those far flung stations only get supplies from NPCs since a majority of commanders will avoid having to fly those distances. The only reason they do the Mug run is for the mug and the bragging rights to say they did it. I can't brag about that since I never did.
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