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The Branching Lake in Isla Nublar is home to many species, and light rainstorms frequent the region. They are a welcome relief for thirsty plants and lean rivers, though they hardly bother the giants that live here.

The region's herd of Camarasaurus and Ankylodocus are often found wandering the open plains


Despite their immense size and powerful tails, even they must remain wary of the region's apex predators.

A pair of female and male Acrocanthosaurus rules the area.


And they are on the hunt.


The smaller predators, lacking in the Acro's size and strength, make up for it by hunting in groups. Even more uniquely, the Herrerasaurus and Proceratosaurus packs that live at the Branching Lake, have been known to engage in cooperative hunting with the other species, as seen here for the first time ever.


Full video here:
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHYV0qnRla4&t=1s
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