Jungles, temple ruins and all of their components.

While there is much yet to be announced by the Planet Zoo team about the game, from a multitude of yet to be revealed animal species to additional zoo themes, one mainstream staple of zoo's worldwide are Jungles and everything that they hold. Modern zoological institutions have recreated detailed environments for the large variety of species that called these jungles home. I'm sure that in time Planet zoo will introduce many game species that will find a Jungle theme exhibit suitable for their needs. Enrichment components here can come in the form of large tropical trees that the animals could climb, play and sleep on, as well as majestic ruins of early human civilizations that have now being reclaimed by nature and serve as animal shelters.
Using the game's piece by piece construction tool, sections of thematic ruins, tiles, columns, stone blocks could be interlocked with growing vegetation in creating habitats for the animal residents, or just building opulent architectural structures that are visual backgrounds for the exhibits or part of the visitor's experience along the zoo's pathways. Animal species the likes, of Orangutans, Leopards, Asian Elephants, Tapirs, Gharials, Spider Monkeys, Gibbons, Tigers, Bats, Jaguars and so many others could all benefit from including all of these components in the game.
Building a walk thru immersive rainforest theme zoo
As it is the case with many award wining zoo exhibits that successfully attempt to place their visitors within the confines of distant jungles, the thematic components are not only featured inside the exhibits and as cinematic backgrounds, but more often than not they are integrated through out visitor pathways, viewing areas and plazas that offer a variety of amenities, the likes of restrooms, shops, cafes, full service restaurants and educational centers just to name a few. The game creators could design an extensive selection of pieces that could be used to build to of the most imaginative jungle theme exhibits. Zoo guest could walk underneath giant fallen trees, that lead thru dense vegetation, where secretive forest species can be viewed thru glass panels that are fully integrated with their surrounding environments. This exhibits could then feature multi level observation areas, that highlight, different areas of the rainforest, to include underwater viewing platforms that are highly concealed within rock formations and lush natural environments. Even the already released game safari vehicles could be adapted to take visitor's thru these jungle exhibits, thru a series of cave tunnels and muddy roads that seem to bring park guess face to face with the featured animal residents.

Dear Danny, please get a YouTube and Twitch chanel and share your creations with us when the game comes out. Your ideas are always right up my alley and very close to what I'd like to build. Yet I'm sure you will be so much better in it and I would love to watch. And I love your threads.
Since the game's building engine is piece by piece, I'm sure that our creativity would be limitless, however i do urge the development team to offer either in the base game or in the form of feature downloads the structural and scenery components we the players will require to create these breathtaking worlds.
Dear Danny, please get a YouTube and Twitch chanel and share your creations with us when the game comes out. Your ideas are always right up my alley and very close to what I'd like to build. Yet I'm sure you will be so much better in it and I would love to watch. And I love your threads.
Dear friend, i look forward to exchanging ideas with you and all the other interested players when this game does come out. Dreaming up zoos has been a passion of mine for a very long time, and finally Planet Zoo seems to be the platform that delivers on this guest. I look forward to hearing about your ideas.
Tree Trunks, roots, branches and vines.
We have all witnessed the available footage and screenshots from Planet Zoo showing tree trunks in some of the animal exhibits, like the grizzly bears and Hippos. The aesthetic pieces are of great importance when building a zoo, any and every zoo will feature a large variety of these, since they can be utilized as enrichment for the animals, architectural components of the exhibits and even natural barriers. The development team will do well to focus on providing a large selection of these pieces, since they can aid in creating unique environments for the animals as well as stunning exhibits. Aerial roots from Banyan trees and vines can be fully integrated with the ruins section while creating that lost forest feel that many prominent zoo exhibits are know for. Tree trunks and branches can be utilized as enrichment for the animals and merged with barriers, fences and rocks thus creating naturalistic and modern looking exhibits.
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Strangler Figs
No jungle environment or zoo exhibit representing it, could ever be truly complete without including these iconic tree species. Imagining an Indian Banyan, could instantly transport players to distant tropical forests of Southeast Asia, a colossal Moreton Bay Fig or a sub-real curtain fig tree will be indicative that an exhibit is set in the Australian wilderness, the same story has a multitude of variations thru out every jungle, from the African continent to the depths of the Amazon rainforest and into tropical lush islands the world over. It would be great if the Planet Zoo team could include these large tree species in the game.
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