Is there currently a problem with station menus?

Haven't really been doing much with station menus recently, aside from stocking up on limpets and cashing in bounties and CBs - which seems to work fine.

Went to have a look at the mission boards in several stations over the last couple of days and they were really, really, slow.
Slow as in swirly hexagon for so long that I'm actually surprised when the mission board appears instead of a "server error" message.
Really slow.

And then there's the Universal cartographics board.
I've currently got a heap of exploration data which I can't sell because I just flat-out cannot access the UniCart board.
I just get a swirly hexagon which carries on until I get bored and quit to the main menu.

Thinking about it, mat-traders have been pretty bad too.
Half the time, when I try to trade a mat' I just get a swirly hexagon and then have to quit to the main menu again.

Is this a known problem or is it just me?
I have only seen very occasional delays over the past few weeks. Not a current issue I'm aware of, it may be connected to the time of day you play though (ie if you normally play at peak time in your timezone). I generally play early in the morning or late at night.