Is there a tax on Void Opals?

So I sold my first load of VO for 142M while I had a balance of 21M. However I only ended up with 155M. It jipped me 8M.

Then I sold my 2nd load for 265M while I had a balance of 155M. After sale I should have 420M but I ended up with 405M so it jipped me 15M this time.

Am I missing something?


Thanks for the catch y’all. I hired some NPC’s when I bought my Krait. Didn’t even outfit a SLF and forgot about them. I also didn’t realize that they take profits even when they’re not doin squat.
NPC's have monthly expenses like everyone else.
If I sub-contact to a pilot I should be able to dictate the terms of the agreement and only pay for actual time worked. Not when they are sat on their arses doing nothing in the safety of crew lounge. Not only that, but we also have to train them for a long while before they even become worthwhile. Imho they are a total waste of time and money and not even worthy of breathing then same air. If you need a pilot that bad your far better to ask an actual person to crew with you. (Providing the game doesn't break)
Makes you wonder how they don't starve to death when you go off exploring for 6 months, especially since most seem to be near bankrupt when you hire them. Still I'd rather they took a cut of the profits than have some monthly wage.

Anyway, with my record it's fair danger pay.
You can always hire them, use them and simply fire them just before you hand in any bounties, sell any cargo, complete any mission, ... . That way they don't take any cut of your profits.

My biggest problem is remembering to fire them, :rolleyes:.
I have one, hired as Harmless, now he is 70% to Elite, been in a fight like 5 times total, sitting on 100mil+ balance. Not regretting it really. Even Expert NPCs are utter poop in a fight, at Dangerous gets serious ramp up in efficiency, both as damager and as a bait, harder to hit, plus raising one this way gets a lot less cut, and you never know when you might need one. Credits are easy to come by these days. So if you have one ranked up from harmless too, don't be so hasty in firing him.

On buy/sale in particular, the system is somewhat inconsistent. Did some testing a while back, I was trading a lot and big, noticed that prices actually depend on amount of cargo you have in your hold. So called "tax" is miniscule, but it seemed to be always there.
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