Interactions with Keepers?

I would just like to say that I'm in love with the game from what I can see s far! What would be great (tho I'm not sure to what extent this exists already) is if the keepers could properly interact with certain animals, in a safe way, and maybe even train them - which happens in real life for when an animal needs to see the vet. Another addition could also be that each individual keeper could have a few favourite individuals (not just favourite animal), and they could work faster when this animal is happy and in good health, and work slower if it's ill or passes away. I feel like this would go along well with the way that the developers have chosen to make each animal unique! I also love the idea of being able to release certain animals that are well bred (which I think you can already do) and seeing the impact that this can have on global populations. Maybe players could get a reward each time they release something that's endangered and all players can work together to help save certain species. Maybe once the population of an animal in the wild has been increased then the animals that they eat or live with could decrease almost like a chain reaction to keep the game flowing? I know this is also slightly unrelated to the thread but I've pre-ordered the beta and was wondering if there would be any special updates that only people with the deluxe version can use or if the updates to both would be the same?

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As you see in this screenshot, there are both "Call Keeper", "Call Vet" and "Request Quarantine".
That probably means that we will have, some sort of interactions between the animals and the Keeper's and Vet's.


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There won’t be any special updates just for Deluxe Edition players.

I’m sure that more information about zookeeper’s interaction with animals will be revealed next week during Gamescom.
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