Inspired by EVEonline

I was watching a videoclip about eveonline particularly the emphasis on PvP and I was suddenly inspired by a potentially MASSIVE change to Elite Dangerous:

Once a player hits 5 billion credits (or whatever) the game invites them to create their own empire. If the player agrees, the game transports them to a seperate unchartered part of the universe where the player can start building an empire using a mixture of NPCs and player invites. Game gives the player a time limit (maybe 1 month) during which time they buildup their empire using NPC and human players, understand the rival (player) empires and develop defense and attack assets. After the time limit expires, the player's empire is fully exposed to attacks from rival human-created empires, basically PvP empire wars.

I think this change, whilst massive will change the entire dynamics of the game and give it much needed longevity
I don’t think elite is the game for this. Perhaps you can try firing up Stellaris once you reach 5bil.
BTW I can never understand why game developers don't create ingame advertising. The capability is there, as the gamer enters a space station they are surrounded by fictional adverts so why doesn't frontier offer realworld advertising instead?
If you like this kind of advertising in a game, try the X-3 Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude. Advertisments everywhere you dock. I have not seen X4 yet, but I doubt Egosoft would take out such a great feature.
The best in-game adverts still belong to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Cluckin’ Bell anyone?
Weekend at Glory Hole Theme Park anyone?

Need I say more?

Of course, Elite would benefit from its own version of this - a bit of ambient sound in stations - plugs for RemLock, Atlas Robotics, all the little picture blurbs in the video screens, some “Come see what’s in store at the market place” to break up the “Loitering is a crime punishable by death, and we’ll fine you post Mortum for littering too.” blurbs.
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